Adafruit Daily




Biohacking : Vitamin-C + Gelatin for Accelerated Recovery


Biohacking : Ear Based Heart Rate Monitoring

Focus Building Meditation with Michael Taft

The Prebiotic Advantage

Automating Recovery Analysis for Sleep and Exercise Data


Understanding Net Carbs

Neuralink – A Closer Look at the Tech

Stroboscopic Visual Training

Increase HRV with Biofeedback

Erythritol the Alcohol Sugar


What Can the Muse 2 EEG Measure?

Moment : The Oura Ring Meditation Feature

The Positive Effects of Yogic Breathing

Peak – Brain Training App


Sleep Correlations using Google BigQuery

Senolytic Therapies

Biohacking : The State of Tactile Notifications

Gonzo Biohacker Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard


Discovering Our Relationship to the Denisovans

Metallic Mouth Taste

Three DIY Photobioreactor Designs for Algae Growing

Improving Sleep, Fitness and Time Management with MementoLabs

One Fasting App to Rule Them All


Caffeine : Perfecting Dosage and Timing

Combining HIIT with a Polarized Training Plan

Finding a Balance with Salt

The Importance of mTOR for Biohacking Metabolism


IVNT – Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

Raspberry Pi Health Dashboard

Circadian Pi Desk Light

Sleep Loading


Super Antioxidants and their Potency

Beyond CBD and THC

A Gene to Predict Modafinil Response

Roadmap Epigenomics Mapping



A Look into the World of Hearables

Biohacking the Microbiome with a Kimchi Inspector

Know Your Air Quality

Biohacks for Heavy Metal Detox (eg. Soldering)

Biohacking the Amish : The DNA Sequencer and The Hitching Post


Finding Bliss with Anandamide

The Exercise Connection to Ketones and BDNF

BDNF a Biohackers Best Friend

Biohacking : The Wobbler Solution


Exploring the Capabilities of the Keto-Mojo Blood Monitor

Biohacking : Sports Drinks Compared

Biohacking Resources – Books, Talks and Podcasts

Who Writes the Heart Rate Algorithms?

Biohacking : Mango Mirror Helps with Health Data


The Heart Rates of the Hazda

The State of DNA Analysis in Three Mindmaps

When Heat Training can Compete with Elevation Training

TAP Strap – The Wearable Keyboard / Mouse


Book Recommendation : The Circadian Code

Biohacking : tACS Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation Demystified

Running Blades

Biohacking : Cause a Fever with the “Inner Fire” Meditation


Comparing DNA and Blood Test Results for Vitamin Deficiencies

The Major Memory System – Memorizing Numbers

Optimizing the Warm Up

We are Wired to Exercise at a Moderate Pace

Sleep Spindles and Memory


I Want My BCI (Brain Computer Interface)

Exploring Our Inner Reality : Entopic Visions

Cryosauna Applications

Summarizing EEG Data from the Command Line


Recording Brainwaves with a Raspberry Pi

Grindfest 2018

All Day EEG Recording Tools

The Surprising Benefits of Chugging Pure Ketones


Biohacking : Glucose Challenge Testing @ Home

Muse EEG Utilities for Capture, Conversion and Visualization of Brain Waves

Machine Learning Helps to Grok Blood Test Results

Nokia’s Health Observatory Shares some Fascinating Data

Monitoring Your Gut with an EEG


Viome is Offering More than Just a Poop Report

Nectome’s Brain Preservation and Backup Service Plan

Visualizing FLU Data with Wearables

We Lost Another Biohacker – Roger Bannister – Sub Four-Minute Mile


Comparing Multiple uBiome Samples

Two Blood Meters to Start Your Biohacking Adventure

Using Insulin Load for Better Sleep and Recovery

Biohacking: Build a Pocket Size Breath Tester


Which DNA Service Offers More RAW Data – or 23andMe

Merging DNA Results from 23andMe and Ancestry

The AlphaGo Documentary Embodies How AI is Teaching Humans

Build a Mask that Displays Breath Stats

Running 3 Marathons on Zero Calories



Two Data Science Courses to Boost Biohacking Insights

IPython Examples for Graphing Biometric Data

Nutrigenomics – Personalized Vitamin Supplements Based on DNA

Getting More from Home DNA Testing


Monitoring the Effects of Holotropic Breathwork

Learning to See with Sound

Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini was a Centenarian Gonzo Biohacker

Videos from Biohacking Conferences


Biohacking: Max Out Ketone Production with Cronometer

Quantifying Exercise Recovery

Biohacking: Visioneer – AI Glasses to Assist the Visually Impaired – Track Everything Together

Using CURL to Collect Oura Ring Sleep, Activity and Readiness Data


Details about Apple’s iPhone X Facial Recognition

Microcontrolled Monk Costume using the Gemma M0 #CircuitPython

Molecular Cartography of the Human Skin

Fine Tuning Fluorescent Dyes

Book Recommendation: Autonomous by Annalee Newitz

Project Peri – Translates Sound into Light for the Hearing Impaired

What I Learned from Weighing Myself 15 Times in a Day

VICE Reviews The Internet’s Top Five Nootropics

The Quantified Self Approach to Lowering Blood Glucose

Book Recommendation: Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

The Complete Guide to Magnet Implants

#Quantifiedself on Tracking Sleep and Resting Heart Rate

Apple Heart Study Announcement

Wim Hof has an App

Trauma Foam to Stop Bleeding Fast

Psychedelics vs. Inflammation

Can a Wearable Band Help Avoid Being Eaten by Sharks?

Biohacker Summit 2017 – Better Living through Science, Technology and Nature

S+ – A Non-contact Sleep Sensor

The Neosensory VEST can Expand Your Perception


Taking Gold at the Cyborg Olympics

FitGenie – Applying AI to Calorie Counting

Fitbit’s is Going Big on their Next Smart Watch “Ionic”

Collaborative Blood Testing

Detecting Seizures with a Wristband

Flexible Skin Patch that Allows for Continuous Health Monitoring

NIX – No More Guessing about Hydration Levels

Google Searching for “My Eyes Hurt” Peaked After Yesterday’s Eclipse

Why Our Eyes Cannot Look at a Solar Eclipse

EGG – Gut Monitoring Using Electrical Signals

Stretchable EEG Temporary Tattoos

Eight Health Leaders Explain How The Medical Industry Could Be Changed

The TRI-Analyzer Turns Smartphones into a Mobile Lab

Ally – The Tiny Tester for Food Allergens

IBM Watson Creates Brain Cancer Treatment Plan in 10 Minutes; Doctors Take 160 Hours

The BIRD Wearable Helps Make Any Surface Interactive

Using the VuFine+ Wearable Display to Become a Cyborg

Neurable has Produced the First Mind-Controlled VR Game

Icarus – Documentary about Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

The Beneficial Effects of Dietary Restriction on Learning

Two AI Engines for Anxiety and Depression

MIT’s Project Kino – Robots Roaming on Clothing

Apps that Monitor Skin and Moles for Melanoma


Cry Logging

Living Light Harnesses Plant Energy

“Earable” Sensor Detects Core Body Temperature

Nucleus 7 – A Native Cochlear Sound Processor for iPhone

Circuit Board Borg Leg Tattoo Sleeve

Finding the Ideal Glucose Level for a Good Night’s Rest

Biomimicry – 8 Useful Technologies Inspired by Nature

Soft Artificial Human Heart #3DThursday #3DPrinting

Four Lucid Dreaming Wearables

5 Questions for Diet Hacking Guru Robb Wolf

This Cocktail Robot Uses Facial Recognition and Shoots Alcohol

Film : Chasing Coral

Eyesect An Immersive Out of Body Experience

Biohackers at Defcon 2017

Biohacking Book Review : The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Quantified Phone Usage Using Moment and iPython

Mary Lou Jepson of Openwater Explains Her “Thinking Cap”

Beta Version of Oura Cloud Open to the Public

The Magic Dance Mirror – Device Free AR

Biohacking: KetoCoder’s Data for Month 1 of 6 into Ketosis Journey

Quantified Life Film

Canyon’s Kraftwerk Bike


e-Mosquito – Autonomous Biting Blood Glucose Monitor

Biohacking : BiAffect – App that Detects BiPolar Disorder

Token – A Wearable Ring with NFC & Bluetooth

High Power Density Human Sweat Battery

Quantified Bob’s Experience with Ketone Esters

Ticks are Spreading an Allergy to Meat

Arduino Based “Row Bots” Test Rowing Efficiency

Sensory Deprivation : Flotation REST

tDCS – Electrode Positioning – The 10-20 System

The Quantified Wardrobe

Smart Mask for Air Quality Tracking

Book Recommendation: Calm Technology: Designing for Billions of Devices

CELLO – An EDA Tool for Cellular Programming

Delta Five’s Bed Bug Monitoring System

Make a pH Sensing T-Shirt with Red Cabbage Dye

Google Applies AI to Eye Disease Detection

Chimera Development Ban Has Been Lifted

Oral Bacteria (Plaque) Organization Patterns

Beauty Technology : Color-Changing Tattoos with Biosensors

Which Running Studies Apply to Me?

CardioInsight – A Vest that Maps the Heart’s Electrical System


Book Recommendation : Homo Deus

A Visual Guide to the Brain

100,000 Genomes Project

Read Faster Using JETZT or SPEEDREAD

Nike’s Unlimited Stadium Will Put Your Best Foot Forward

Google Sheets Based Life Tracking Dashboards

Mind-Controlled Spermatozoa

Ultra Runner Kilian Jornet Summits Everest in 26 Hours

FindAir One – Monitor Your Asthma

Tactile : Text to Braille in Real-Time

Electrick – Create Touch Surfaces Anywhere with a Conductive Spray

EdiPulse – Eat Your Own 3D Printed Chocolate Data

Augmented Reality Soundwave Tattoos

Stephen Cartwrights Self Tracking Chromatic Data Oscillator

Blind Runner – The Impossible Run

SolePower – Powered by Steps

Using 10 Different Sleep Trackers for 9 Days

Nike’s Breaking2 Marathon Attempt Almost Worked

Healthy Gut Reference Ranges

Darpa Offers Up 50M for Language Acquisition Using Brain Zapping

Gut Check : The Microbiome Game

One Drop – The “Shiny and Chrome” of Diabetes Monitoring


This Augmented Fork Can Make You Eat Slower

Itch Tracker for Apple Watch

Brainding – Circuit Bending Using an EEG

A Run in the Altra IQ Smart Shoes

Take a Tour of the Alcor Cryonics Facility

Bunnies Book “The Hardware Hacker” Applies to Biohackers

Recording and Biohacking a 100 Mile Run

Sally the Salad Robot

Gut Hack – NYT Short Film on Josiah Zayner Fecal Transplant Biohack

Quantified Gender Tracking

reSTART – On-line Addiction Treatment

Gale the #loT First-Aid Kit

Thync Relax Pro

Biohacker Book: Head Strong by Dave Asprey

The Seletora – Build Your Own Harry Potter Themed Centrifuge

Quantified Selfer Hacks His Colon

Research: Graphene Oxide to Make Seawater Drinkable

Biohacking Book : Life – The Epic Story of Our Mitochondria

Biohacking Movie: Rise of the Sufferfests

Altered Physiology During Airline Flights

Withings Body Cardio Scale has a Pulse Wave Velocity Feature


Tracking Fertility Cycles with Kindara

Quantified Self Project Combines 100 Pieces Flute Music into a Single Infographic

Daptly to Release a Commercial Smart Mirror

Altra IQ – The Running Coach in a Shoe

What I Learned from VO2 Testing in Ketosis

NinjaPCR – Open Source #iot DNA Amplifier

Kardia from AliveCor – Medical Grade EKG for Your Phone

After-Sight : Raspberry Pi Wearable Vision Assistance

Glucowise: A Pain-free Blood Glucose Monitor

Interactive Shoes Hub by Fujitsu

BBC Research & Development: The Ethics of Data

Biohacking : Three Tips from The Talent Code Author

WAAG Society #openbiotech YouTube Series

Adidas Run Genie

ThryveInside: Microbiome Reports and Probiotics

Biohacking: Three Interesting Data Points in a VO2max Test

Fitbit is About to Release Sleep Stages

Day and Night Lights

Infographic: How We Spend Our Days – American Time Use Survey

Book – Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work

Strava App Attempts Untethered Fitness Tracking for Apple Watch

Why is Rhodiola Rosea so Popular in Smart Drug Stacks?


Three Ways to Get Your Head Around CRISPR-Cas9

Fitness Tracker Photo Exposes Half Marathon Cheat

Tools for Tracking Daily Sunlight Exposure

Data After Death

University Community Testing Services

Using the Glucose Ketone Index

Halo Sport Prosumer Grade tDCS

How Silicon Valley Is Trying to Hack Its Way Into a Longer Life

Biohacking the Flow State by Boosting Anandamide

Microchips Biotech is Automating Drug Dosing

Three Garmin SmartWatch Apps for Biohacking Health

Chill Out and Focus with a Little L-Theanine

Germany Is Threatening Biohackers with Jail and Fines

Biohack: Cold Water Therapy

How David Blaine Biohacked a 17 Minute Breath Hold

Are You a Supertaster? Take the test…

Dalmatian Augmentation – Hyperuricemia and CRISPR

Biohacking: Interview with Fermentation God Sandor Katz

Biohack: Understanding the Dawn Phenomenon

Biohacking Tool: CheckMe O2 a Blood Oxygen Sensor from Viatom


Spire: The Wearable that Optimizes Breathing

Dragonfly Surveillance Cyborg Could Aid Pollination

Hack Happiness with Feel

Resting Heart Rate as a Health Indicator

Pillow – The Sleep Analysis App that Works with Apple Watch

Pillow – The Sleep Analysis App that Works with Apple Watch

The Advantages of Different Teas

Microbes in the Mansion: US Presidents and their Bacteria

Logging the Temperature Around Me

Hykso: Punch Tracking Sensors

Biohacking: Getting Ripped with Brian Konash Partner Acrobatics Base

Know Your Nut Nutrients

SmartWatches Could Help Detect Lyme Disease and Diabetes

Use Diasend to Upload and View Blood Glucose Data

Sneeze Counting

Mint: The Oral Health Monitor

Abbott’s Freestye Libre Pro – Continuous Glucose Monitor – CGM

Zero – The Fasting Tracker App (iOS only, free)

PROOF: The Wristband that Monitors Blood Alcohol Level

Withings Made a Smart Hairbrush

Language Exposure Using the YouTube Kids App

Re-Timer: Light Therapy Sunglasses

Fix Magnesium Deficiency with Supplementation

Interview with Biohacker and Keto Ultrarunner: Anthony Kunkel



VeloViewer – Year End Review of Strava Stats

FitnessGenes – DNA Based Fitness and Nutrition Analysis

Create GPS Art with these Apps

Know Your Noise {White, Pink or Brown}

Benjamin Franklin was a Quantified Selfer

BioHack Academy

The State of Quantified Self in 2016

Biofabricate Body Parts with a Spiderwort CO2 Incubator

Tracking Resting Heart Rate

Scanadu We Hardly Knew You

50 Things about Digital Health

Everysight’s AR Smart Glasses for Cyclists

Breaking2 : The Quest to Break the Two-Hour Marathon Barrier

Glowing Beer

Discount Biohacking Gear

Heart & Brain SpikerShield

CRISPR is Currently in Patent Court

Africa in Data

Bio-Responsive Bloom

Sperm Testing via Smartphone

MD2K – Mobile Sensor Data to Knowledge


Biohacking: Brain Training to Monitor Performance Gains

Extending the Sense of Touch

Wearable Sweat Patch – Now with More Colors and Data

Book: Dear Data

Bone Conduction for Everyone

Beverages for the Holidays

Removing the Cells from Fruits, Vegetables and Organs

Yoga for Wrist Pain

Which Turmeric Supplement Works?

A Full Moon Can Reduce Sleep Duration by 20 Minutes

FitBark – A Dog Health Tracker

Hops Used in Beer Show Fat-Burning Potential

The 90-day Biohacker Challenge

Using Fitness Trackers for Pain Levels

Here Comes the Soda Tax

Brain Spine Interface for Paralyzed Primates

Roll Your Own Garmin Smart Watch App

Fitbit Data from Sara Hall’s NYC Marathon

Fitness Data Expressed Through a Plant

The First Color Images from an Electron Microscope

Chain-Smoking Robot Meets a Lung-on-a-Chip

Bionic Eyes from Second Sight


Ember : Track Hemoglobin without the Bloodwork

Exporting Fitness Data from Apple WatchOS 3 using iSmoothRun

EEG Based Music for Neurological Diseases and Art Shows

Ahnjili Zhuparris: Internet Usage with Regards to Hormonal Changes

Upgrade Your Work Day With Quantified Self & Biohacking

The State of Mobile Health Apps

The Quantified Mind : Guided Experiments to Test Mental Performance

Are There Any Proven Benefits to Fasting?

Autoshade Sunglasses

Pallette : A Tongue Computer Interface

SIMON : The Empathy Inducing Headset

WristWhirl : Your Wrist is the Joystick

Fitness Trackers that Offer Developer Tools

Nootropics and Gamers

Coala Heart Monitor – A New Device for Detecting Cardiovascular Disease

‘Sound’ by Human Inc. – Earphones that do More

Labdoor : The Website that Lab Tests Supplements

Oakley’s Radar Pace Glasses are Ready to Coach You

Fitness Hacking : Bridging ANT+ to Bluetooth

Quantified Self : N-OF-1 : Call for Papers

BioHacking Headaches: 3 Exercises for Reducing Headaches

Brain Training : The Pomodoro Technique for Focused Productivity


mPort is Making a 3D Body Scanner Booth

Simple Tips and Tools for Three Common Sleep Disorders

Nootropic : Methylene Blue – The Mood, Memory and Energy Enhancer

The MATIA Project Assists The Blind and Those with Memory Loss

Movie: The Immortalists – Live Forever… or die trying.

The Upside of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Roll Your Own $30 EpiPencil

Use Garmin’s VIRB Edit for Performance Data Video Overlays

Extrasensory on The TED Radio Hour Podcast

Big Caffeine Was Banned From Sports Competition For Twenty Years

Optical Heart Rate Monitoring is Improving

The 180 Formula : Optimal Heart Rate Training

How HRV and EEG Data Led to a Nightmare Alarm Clock Idea

Edible Batteries Made from Endogenous Materials

Life after Fitbit

Quantified Self, Health & Wellness – Now & Into the Future

Natural Testosterone Boosters for Low Carbers

Targeted Memory Reactivation (TMR)

Tim Ferriss has a New Book Coming Out in December

Learn More about Your Productivity with

Book Review: This Is Burning Man: The Rise of a New American Underground


Smart Drug : Phenylpiracetam for Optimal Performance

EEG Options for Brain Control Interface Projects

OpenHumans – Donate Your Data to Science

Managing Vitamin B12

Biofabrication: The New Revolution in Material Design

Nootropics Biohacking: The Beginners Guide to Choline

Machine Learning and Ketosis

Intermittent Fasting

GoldenCheetah – The Open Source Fitness Data Analyzer

Heart Rate During Public Speaking – Data is Beautiful

We Are Curious – Ad-Hoc Social Health Tracking Experiments

The Wearables Database

The Oura Ring Produces Great Sleep Charts

Cold Brew Coffee on Nitro in Five Easy Steps

Book Review: Lab Girl

New Short Movie: “The Quantified Self”

Smart Gun Controlled by RFID Implant

Overtracking vs. The Simplified Self

Leisure Goals and Tracking

Foods that Help with Sleep

Mushroom Coffee

Wellness Apps / Devices and the FDA

Lara Boyd Explains Neuroplasticity TEDxVancouver


DIYSECT Documentary Web Series on Biohacking and Bioart

Ava The Fertility Tracking Bracelet

TCAPS and Mary Roach on The 99% Invisible Podcast

Testing for Fat Burning at the Colorado 200

How Exercise Creates Visible Veins

Five Sleeper Hacks

Melatonin Hacking – Avoiding Blue Light Near Bedtime

Monitoring Meditation

“Dragon Silk” for Body Armor

Wrist Based Sleep Monitors Have Limits

The Advanced Fitbit User 18M Steps

Control Alt Delete Cancer

Biohack: Heart Rate Variability

Biohacking The Body To 3D-Print Fantastical Human Bones

DIY Sleep Apnea Monitoring

The class action lawsuit of (makerbot) Stratasys is over

New Biohacking Sci-Fi Series “Biopunk”

WISEglass: Glasses that Monitor What You Do

HumanCharger – Transcranial Bright Light

HumanCharger – Transcranial Bright Light

Biohack : Creatine / Fenugreek / Beetroot

Biohack : Creatine / Fenugreek / Beetroot

Review: EEG Sleep Aid : Sleep Shepherd Blue

Gyroscope – The Quantified Self Health Dashboard


Biohacker’s Handbook – Complimentary Sleep Chapter

How Biohackers Deal with Diabetes #wearenotwaiting

Interview: Rick Arikado Hack Yourself to Run 200 Mile Races

Oura – The Wellness Ring

Biohack: Beet Doping

Biohacking Events – Open qPCR, Dinosaurs and Metabolic Engineering

Gut Microbiome Testing

Biohacker: Wim Hof : Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman

You Put What, Where? Hobbyist Use of Insertable Devices

Home Blood Testing and Theranos Criminal Investigation

Untethered Bio Monitoring

Apps and Inspiration to Start Meditating

Could Cacao Be Coming to a Club Near You?

North Sense – The Compass You Implant in Your Chest

Biohack: Turn Yourself Yellow Using Carotenosis

Obesity and Episodic Memory is there a Connection?

Raising Bioluminescent E. Coli Bacteria

Biohacking Events This Week

Dystopian “Skin Flicks”

Working with Apple Health App Data

Linking Gut Bacteria to Mood

Book Review: Grain Brain


Smarter Sleep

Gene editing can now change an entire species — forever

Race Nutrition – Eating a Bunch of Chemicals

BBC Biohacking: Technology and Health

How does PCR work?

How does PCR work?

Biohack: DMSO for Transdermal Substance Delivery

Biohacking Events this Week

Biohacking Product Review: KetoCaNa

Sweat Monitoring

Book Review: More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement

Ray Kurzweil Takes 77 Supplements Everyday

Biohack: Ben Greenfield is Injecting Himself with BPC-157

Biohack: Feel Earthquakes Using a Magnet Implant

Interview: Hardware Guru Luke Iseman of Y Combinator

New: Biohacking Events Calendar

Why You Should Be Playing with Heart Rate Recovery (HRR)

SHIFT: Biohacking Documentary

SHIFT: Biohacking Documentary

Which MCT Oil Should I Be Putting in My Coffee?

5 Questions for Biohacker Amal Graafstra of Dangerous Things

Coffee the Everyday Biohack We Can Perfect

“Raceable tech” – Line following robot to race

We Have to Talk about CRISPR

“A Bitter Pill” – DIY fecal transplant

Peter Attia An Advantaged Metabolic State: Human Performance, Resilience & Health

The Upgraded Human | Patric Lanhed

“Doctor Ready to Perform First Human Head Transplant”

The Ketogenic Diet 101 – Hacking fuel sources, gadgets and more…

“What cold showers and exercise have in common”

“Why you shouldn’t exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies”


“1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion”

“Wireless signal sent through meat fast enough to watch Netflix”

Nokia plans to acquire Withings

“Mushroom Suits, Biodegradable Urns and Death’s Green Frontier”

Your brain is your passcode…

“If you want to live forever, move to this town”

“Building Trust in Self-Driving Cars Through Biofeedback”

Taking Notes By Hand May Be Better Than Digitally, Researchers Say @ NPR

“Fitness app Strava faces an uproar over an elite cycling user linked to doping”

Implant lets paralysed man ‘play guitar’

“The World’s First 3D Fitness Tracker”

Sing it out?

“Thirteen Anonymous Genetic Superheroes Walk Among Us—Or Do They?”

“Lower home temperature in winter is associated with lower waist measurement”

Could a fitness tracker save your life?

“Memory hackers”

“Pillow: The sleep cycle alarm clock for sleep tracking”

“Rythm raises $11M to pursue sleep-improving neurotechnolog”

“Electrical stimulation of deep brain structures to ease chronic pain”

“You’re Not Nervous — You’re Excited, Okay?”

“Implantable Chip Measures and Adjusts Dopamine Levels in Mouse Brain”


Controlling Diabetes with a Skin Patch

“Brain-Zapping Headphones Could Make You a Better Athlete”

Brilliance – “It’s like f.lux for Philips Hue bulbs on your Mac”

“We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Doctors”

“Drinking coffee may undo liver damage from booze”

“How Gut Bacteria Are Shaking Up Cancer Research”

“How to Beat Writer’s Block”

“‘Body Hacking’ Movement Rises Ahead Of Moral Answers”

“That Standing Desk Might Not Be The Magical Solution”

“What bacteria may reveal about your home”

Brain hacking: The Mind’s Biology

“I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How.”

“Fasting Diets Are Gaining Acceptance” – feeding window hacking…

“Welcome to the cyborg fair”

“Is Organic More Nutritious? New Study Adds To The Evidence”

Dot One – personalize DNA prints and more

Thermo “16 sensors. One touch. Wi-Fi. “

A 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity

Neurostimulation – transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS)

“Teens do better in science when they know Einstein and Curie also struggled”

“Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming”

“Caffeine For Sale: The Hidden Trade Of The World’s Favorite Stimulant”


“The Quantified Welp: Measuring an Activity Makes Us Enjoy It Less”

“How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body”

Which Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain?

Sometimes your fitness tracker lies – a lot

#bdyhax tweets and more

“Joule: Wear your Caffeine”

“Five Everyday Activities That Hurt Your Memory”

“Why We Get Running Injuries (and How to Prevent Them)”

Here come the NAD—Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide & pterostilbene pills

The Open Artificial Pancreas System (OpenAPS) project

“At-Home Full Genome-Sequencing Is Now Just A Spit Tube Away” (again)

“Health And Fitness Data Is Useless”

AMINO.BIO – bio-hacking kit

“You can train your body into thinking it’s had medicine”

Explore Your Genome!

“8-Hour Sleep Album”

Can Gizmos Cure Insomnia? – The New Yorker

The science behind a good cup of coffee

Morning person? It’s in your genes …

Walter De Brouwer, Founder and CEO, Scanadu

“Hunger is psychological – and dieting only makes it …”


Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation to Physical Activity in Adult Humans

The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains

Stay smart, live longer

Apps / devices for mental health in 2016

What one man learned from obsessively tracking his vital signs for 48 years

“You’ll Sleep When You’re Dead” The future of sleep @ Motherboard

Food Hacking: Electric Fork

Weighted blankets – weighted blanket therapy for treating insomnia

“Biohackers should produce a microbial uberfood for the world”

Inconsistent sleep schedules

Learn anything fast

“How to Make Yourself Go to the Gym” – self-funded payments

iOS 9.3 from Apple is biohacking with blue light reducer

CES wearables / gear for biohacking – “all your clothing is connected”

L’Oreal’s New Wearable Tells You How Much Sun You Are Getting – Fortune

Body hackers and bioengineers are trying to make Texas a hub of implantable electronics

“The Neuroscientist Who Installed an Implant in His Own Brain”

“Can Meditation Gadgets Help You Reduce Your Stress—and Find Happiness?” – WSJ

Sleep monitor comparison hello sense & beddit @hello @beddit “Internet of bed things”… #biohacking



Pressurized belts a way to hack a workout?

A controlled trial of the Litebook light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy device

Why ‘Smart’ Women Are the Future of Apparel

Rituals Enhance Consumption

3D Printed custom orthotics @wearsols @kegan3d

“10 Incredible Things We Learned About Our Health in 2015” by Max Lugavere

Biohacking in the “Y Combinator Holiday Gift Guide 2015”

Coming soon? Night milk … nocturnal milk … Goth Milk

“Coolest gadgets” from CNN are biohacking related and many are not for sale yet

“Test-Tube Puppies”

What Your Food Is Really Doing to Your Body / Biome start ups – Gut DNA Sequencing

“Lights Out Football: How Sleep Science Is Transforming the NFL”

Stephen Curry, star of the undefeated Golden State Warriors, biohacker…

Remotely monitoring and controlling over the internet a hot vat of water precisely controlled

“BodyHacking Convention”

Testing out the Muse + Muse Monitor – real time EEG brainwave data graphed and CSV file

Can Electric ’Brain Training’ Devices Make You Smarter?

DOUBLE BLINDED – The Self-Experimentation Platform … L-Theanine Experiment (1 Month)

“You, Only Better”

“Medical Devices Can Be Seriously Fun”