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Adafruit 0655

Remotely monitoring and controlling over the internet a hot vat of water precisely controlled eventually becomes tasty-

An attempt at remote cooking. Here’s the set up before we start hooking it in to adafruit.io (or internet of things service for makers, now in public beta) – It’s the ANOVA Anova Precision Cooker with Wi-fi + BlueTooth, a Nest Cam and a WeMo Insight Switch (just in case we need to remotely turn off).

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Why are we doing this? A lot of “bio” is monitoring hot vats of water from far away, from people in space ships to experiments in labs. Cobbling together something right now is complicated and not ideal, however, we’re seeing consumer products with lower price points starting to come out, and we’ll see their impact. Controlling water, heat, a camera and some way to stop it all if things don’t work out is our experiment – in the side effect is we cooked a meal remotely that may have more “phytochemicals (carotenoids, phenolic compounds, and ascorbic acid) and antioxidant capacity”.