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More than 20% of Americans now wear and use a health tracking device. That is a lot of potentially interesting data that could be gathered and used in the form of ad-hoc experiments. If we just had a access to a user friendly platform so that we could share our data and charts we might find some things. Enter “We are Curious” a newish site / iOS / Android App that allows people to work together to find answers to interesting biohacking topics.

There are four different ways to utilize the “We Are Curious” site/app.

Tracking tags – Track your own tags of interest and make charts using the simple tools provided. This is way easier than using spreadsheets and much more dynamic in that charts can quickly be produced from random categories.


Social – People post their own interesting data snapshots, observations and questions.

eg. “What does stress at work and a snoring spouse do to sleep? Easily spotted in my OURA data from April”



Investigate a question by following a set of instructions while tracking with a specific set of tags for a specified timeframe. You can choose to share your results through charts or discussions, or you can keep things totally private.


Does the paleo diet affect sleep?

FIRST TWO WEEKS: Wear the Oura ring (or another sleep tracker). Eat and exercise as you normally would to establish your baseline sleep pattern. Track your sleep along with exercise.

THIRD WEEK: Start your paleo diet. Track everything for an additional 2+ weeks, noting the days you adhered to the diet and the days you ‘cheated.’ NOTE: This sprint is best for people who are interested in starting the paleo diet.


Every night our algorithms look at your data to find possible relationships between your tags. You can sort these curiosities by rating them to tell us whether you think the algorithms have come up with something meaningful to you (“SIGNAL”) or something you think is not meaningful or interesting (“NOISE”).


It is worth mentioning is that We are Curious syncs up with Withings, Oura ring, Moves and Jawbone Up. You can also manually import data. The site is very much geared towards Oura ring users, but is quite helpful to any “quantified selfer” by providing a simple tag tracking to graphing interface.