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1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion – The New York Times.

One minute of arduous exercise was comparable in its physiological effects to 45 minutes of gentler sweating.

The upshot of these results is that three months of concerted endurance or interval exercise can notably — and almost identically — improve someone’s fitness and health. Neither approach to exercise was, however, superior to the other, except that one was shorter — much, much shorter.

Read more & PLOS One study.

Ok, talking from experience here and a lot of self-experimentation. This “worked” however, the tiny intense amount really really needs to be intense, so much so it needed to be a “fight or flight” trickery on a sprint or lift to get that type of result. It’s physically intense and more so, mentally, everything is saying PANIC, YIKES, so while it sounds like a trade off (1 minute vs 45 secs) it’s really hard to do in practice. There are not a lot of people that can sprint as hard as they can for 1 min and for lifting heaving things using something like the “Body by science” methods, slow, heavy reps to failure is challenging for 1 minute+ or really any amount.