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Rythm raises $11M to pursue sleep-improving neurotechnology @ TechCrunch. What is Rythm?

Rythm is a new neurotechnology company that uses neuroscience fundamentals to enhance human performance by researching, monitoring, and understanding the brain.We’re starting with sleep, and will launch our first product, Dreem, the first active sleep wearable, in early 2016.

Dreem is the first product developed by Rythm. It is the first active wearable device that monitors brain activity (EEG), and stimulates the brain with sound to enhance the quality of deep sleep.

At a very basic level, we monitor brain activity (EEG), and detect your respective sleep stages. We then transmit precise sound that is synchronized with your brain to improve the quality of deep sleep.

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Has an app and it’s a wearable sleep device, does sleep tracking and “sound simulation”.