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Pillow: The sleep cycle alarm clock for sleep tracking.

Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality, improve the way you wake up and help you learn more about sleep and new ways to improve it. Just place your device next to you on the bed while you sleep.

Pillow monitors your movements and sounds while you sleep. Using advanced algorithms, Pillow can keep a detailed history of how well you’ve slept and when is the optimal time to wake you up.

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We’ve not tried this app yet and have not tried an app that does sleep analysis via sound recording – it “sounds” interesting, but we’ll need to see if there’s anything useful. So far the sleep trackers we’ve used were physical devices in some way attached to a pillow or the bed itself. If sound recording really does work in some way, you could imagine Amazon’s Alexa with some additional sensors for environment (humidity, light, air quality) also being able to be an AI-like sleep helper. We’ll try this app out later and see how it goes, we’ll report back here of course 🙂