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I Cyborg

Welcome to the cyborg fair @ Mosaic.

Frieda Klotz visited the ‘world’s first cyborg fair’ with one question: are cyborgs a real thing, or are these people just kidding themselves?

Much of the optimism about the future of biohacking and cyborgism is underpinned by ideals. “We are not paid by big companies, we are not sponsored by the government,” Sjöblad points out. “We really want to be an independent force.” The projects are open source, and the tools work on the Android operating system. At Dusseldorf, Sjöblad urged the audience to reclaim their data. “We as citizens and users, our physical persons should reclaim our digital persons, so that advertisers and other companies don’t know all these things about us.”

..this event in Dusseldorf was dubbed ‘Science + Fiction: The world’s first Cyborg-fair’.

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