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A critical feature missing in Apple’s WatchOS 3 is a way to export exercise data to popular social fitness sites such as Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, TrainingPeaks and many more. Some of these sites provide their own matching iPhone and WatchOS Apps, but it doesn’t make sense sending all of your hard earned fitness data to just one of these sites. Let’s say you hire a coach to assist with your running. That coach will often want to track all of your activities through TrainingPeaks. If you have some other friends that are into different sports they could be spread out between Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Nike+, GarminConnect or other social fitness sites. The easiest way I’ve found to push my data across all the major fitness sites so everyone can see my data is to use iSmoothRun. It requires only one extra button press post exercise to push my data to many popular social fitness sites and social networks. There are also websites like Tapirik that can sync fitness data between sites and apps like Spectarun that can produce the GPX files, but iSmoothRun has proven itself to be the most reliable for me to keep the data consistent across the different social fitness sites.

Via iSmoothrun:

29 Sep 2016

Version 5.6.0 on the app Store!

Apple Watch OS3 Update

There is a new version on the app store that finally works with the Apple Watch. Developing for the Apple Watch during the last year has been a very frustrating experience due to Apple’s restrictions. With Watch OS3 Apple finally removed these restrictions. I am very happy to say that Apple Watch is finally usable.

The watch app has been updated. There is not much new functionality, but what was already there now works. The display gets updated really fast (well it still needs a split second, but we can live with that), and HR values are recorded in real time. The most requested feature for the Apple watch app has been to be able to “stop and save” from the watch. This was added, so now after you pause a run you can either resume it or stop and save it. There are still some issues regarding the interval/split notifications but they will be hopefully resolved with the next updates of Watch OS.

Stand alone operation of the Apple Watch app is not yet supported but it will be added hopefully by the end of the year. This will be both with GPS usage for Apple Watch 2 and without for the original AW or treadmills.