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L’Oreal’s New Wearable Tells You How Much Sun You Are Getting – Fortune.

L’Oreal has developed a stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor ultraviolet light exposure via a wearable it is calling My UV Patch. The technology, currently in beta form, will roll out more widely later in 2016 under L’Oreal’s dermatological skincare brand, La Roche-Posay.

Read more & full press release here.

Interesting in the press release PCH is mentioned “L’Oreal also worked with PCH who design engineered the sensor. The stretchable, peel-and-stick wearable unites L’Oreal Group’s extensive scientific research on the skin and expertise with UV protection with MC10’s strong technological capabilities in physiological sensing and pattern recognition algorithms to measure skin changes over time, and PCH’s 20-year experience in product development, manufacturing and supply chain.

If this works out expect to see Liam’s PCH hit more high profile wearables, which may include medical/health, if they’re doing a color changing UV patch, a patch that helps folks stop smoking with an associated app could be next.