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DMSO Forearm

DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide. It was discovered in the mid-1800’s and has two fascinating properties for any biohackers toolbox. This substance is able push other chemicals through the skin directly into the bloodstream. DMSO is also high in sulfur so it can be effective in reducing inflammation.

Before I go any further describing my experiments with DMSO let’s just be clear on a few things. DMSO is NOT approved by the FDA for topical human use with the exception of a unusual bladder condition. It is approved for dogs and horses. DMSO can be dangerous because it will push potentially toxic chemicals right through the skin. It is critical to have a clean environment and hands when working with DMSO.

Here is how I applied DMSO to my skin to deliver other substances into the bloodstream.

  • Wet a paper towel with water
  • Spread the DMSO jelly on the paper towel
  • Add a drop of the substance you wish to pass into your bloodstream
  • Place the power towel against your skin

DMSO Spread


  • The water is critical for diluting the strength of the DMSO and entering the cells so use plenty of it on the paper towel.
  • Do not move the towel around on your skin as DMSO will cause an stinging sensation that can be quite uncomfortable.
  • You can buy DMSO on-line, at health food stores or animal feed stores

DMSO paper towel on foot

I tried passing the following substances through to my bloodstream:

  1. Vitamin D
  2. B-12
  3. CBD oil
  4. Ozonated Hemp Oil
  5. Chlorophyll
  6. Iodine

My favorites were #3 the CBD oil and #4 ozonated hemp oil. The CBD oil immediately created a numbing body high and removed a headache I was having. The ozonated hemp oil had a radical numbing quality which in less than three minutes I felt across my entire forearm. DMSO with no other additives leaves a noticeable calming effect even on tight overused muscles.

Some potential areas that DMSO could be helpful are the following:

  • healing of wounds
  • burns
  • muscle
  • skeletal injuries
  • headaches
  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • cancer
  • alzheimers

Again, DMSO is not approved for this kind of usage and can be quite dangerous. Please do your own research before indulging in such activities.