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While preparing for the #QuantifiedSelf2018 conference in Portland, OR I put together three images summarizing at home DNA test results. This is a summary of various posts that Adafruit has done on getting the most information about ourselves from these inexpensive tests. One important thing to mention is that the clinical studies being used might be quite small or even incorrect. One should interpret these results with a fair amount of skepticism, but know that they can be a useful guide at the same time.

DNA Analysis – The different categories we can learn more about ourselves this includes topics like diet, drug response and metabolism to name a few. I included some examples of my own results such as lactose intolerance and the inability to process SSRIs (anti-depressants).

DNA Testing Services – Comparison of 23andMe and Ancestry which both offer a lot of raw genetic information for the lowest price. I recommend using both if you can afford the double charge of $70.

3rd Party Reports – The down and dirty tools like Promethease and Nutrahacker offer an incredible amount of raw data for those willing to sift through it. I’ve hand held friends and family through the process of testing and analyzing the data and have found most of them prefer the formated “fancy lad” reports.

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