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Adafruit 0622

You, Only Better @ The New York Times.

Asprey, 43, is the founder of Bulletproof Executive, a company that sells supplements and gadgets. He is also an avatar of the quantified-self movement, a loose-knit group of people who obsessively collect data about their lives in order to learn more about their behavior, and potentially change it. Once the rarefied pastime of alpha geeks who meticulously logged data about their bodies in spreadsheets and built graphs to glean trends about their inner workings from the numbers, self-tracking has become practically mainstream in recent years. The market for wearable fitness devices is projected to generate $1.8 billion this year. There are commercial headbands to monitor brain waves and wristbands to track movement. Many smartwatches log their wearers’ heart rates, and a number of smartphones count their owners’ footsteps.

Read more. Our take – “Bulletproof” removes a lot of the caveman-y paleo/cross-fit with their approach to diet and exercise and adds in the gadgets and more science, or at least more opportunities for science, it’s self-experiment which may or may not work for each person, if you’re young and motivated, it might not matter, doing anything and measuring it will usually yield results. It will be appealing for the tech crowds that look at soylent and other “new” ways to drop weight, stay fit, with the least amount of effort, an iOS app to buy, a gadget to get via Amazon prime. Coffee with ghee and MCT oil is pretty good 🙂