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BodyHacking | 2016. FEBRUARY 19 – 21, 2016 @ THE AUSTIN CONVENTION CENTER –

Bodybuilders, tattoo enthusiasts, tech folk, and every other group out there has their own conventions focused on precisely what they’re already into. BDYHAX is a little different. By bringing everyone together we want to expand horizons, create new connections, and, hopefully, encourage new frontiers to be explored. Join us as bodyhackers from all walks of life share philosophies, technologies, and maybe the occasional cocktail, all in the name of altering the human body as its owner sees fit.

Read more. So it begins, events around Bio/Bodyhacking that were previous Web 2.0-ish events. Part of the larger trends we see: biohacking, health goth, 3d printing prosthetics, DIY assistive gear, micro-controllers+sensors/wearables, lots of fitness and home sensors to optimize health, bodyhacking with sleep/temperature … As events come up, we’ll include them in the daily’