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Biohackers that are tracking their sleep, blood glucose, weight and heart rate data have consistently reported solid results when incorporating fasting.  There are currently more than a half dozen apps designed to track fasting in the iOS App store. The apps all have lowest common denominator functionality which is the “stop eating now” and “resume eating now” buttons. Now that fasting has been trending for a few years there are significant feature enhancements being incorporated. The software company LifeOmic Inc. has created a “LIFE Fasting Tracker” which stands out in the following ways:

  • Social Network Components
    • emoji’s
    • text comments
    • image sharing
    • most importantly: other people watching your fast commitment to increase adherence to goal

  • Mood Logging
  • Variety of Fasting Types
    • intermittent
    • alternate day
    • circadian

  • 5 stages of fasting displayed through icons during the fast
    • 12 hours – ketosis (light ketosis)
    • 18 hours – fat burning mode (deeper ketosis)
    • 24 hours – autophagy (self-eating)
    • 48 hours – growth hormone @ 5x
    • 58 hours – insulin reduction
    • 72 hours – immune cell rejuvenation

  • Embedded Links to Primary Research
  • Embedded Links to LifeOmic’s Articles (human readable explanations on fasting research)
  • Embedded Links to Videos

While the current LIFE Fasting Tracker app is available for IOS devices only, a future extended version of the app that will track health behaviors including exercise, nutrition, fasting, sleep and stress reduction techniques will roll out with both IOS and Android versions.

  • Upcoming Plans:
    • Android App
    • Fitness tracking data from various devices {exercise, sleep and stress}
    • Nutrition
    • Life Extend – App designed to improve healthspan through five pillars of wellness