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Building Trust in Self-Driving Cars Through Biofeedback | Motherboard.

The team, which includes Sameer Saproo, Sona Roy, and Victor Shih, and advisor Paul Sajda, combined their expertise in electrical engineering, bioengineering, aerospace, and brain-computer interfaces to create the technology, which they presented at the NYC Media Lab Combine demo day on Friday. The system will track biosignals of passengers including brain activity, eye movement, facial expressions, and heart rate to build a more complete picture of their psychological state. They will teach vehicle AI to better understand these emotions and respond to them appropriately.

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Interesting idea, the car will remember how you enjoyed (or didn’t) your ride. There really isn’t any reason a fitness tracker and/or your phone/watch couldn’t hand off some data to an Uber-like service permission based, besides a 5 star a low heart rate would be an interesting indicator of a chill ride 🙂