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Lower home temperature in winter is associated with lower waist measurement — ScienceDaily.

“Although cold exposure may be a trigger of cardiovascular disease, our data suggest that safe and appropriate cold exposure may be an effective preventive measure against obesity,” said the study’s lead investigator, Keigo Saeki, MD, PhD, of Nara Medical University School of Medicine Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Nara, Japan. Cold exposure activates thermogenesis, to generate body heat, in brown fat. This type of fat is the good calorie-burning fat that prior research found most humans have. However, Saeki said the association between the amount of cold exposure and obesity in real life remains unclear.

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Going to file this one under home automation biohacking … enter in your age, details and more (or just let a “Nest-like” thing pull your health data from your phone) and then it sets the optimal brown-fat temperature. Our guess is “more often cold” has a lot of benefits we’ll be hearing about soon, however, hard to convince people to take cold showers and jump in to cyro chambers all the time.