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Nootrobox’s THINKING podcast is providing an open-sourced protocol for enhancing one’s own performance using biohacking and quantified self tools. This is perfect timing with the “new year, new you” mania that starts up at the end of every year . The most useful part of this clearly stated protocol is the list of tools used to monitor progress. This is an extensive list for finding things from continuous blood glucose monitors on eBay ($250) or on-line blood tests. See below for details.

The Protocol

We’re open-sourcing our protocol to allow the community to join us as well as engage, critique, and provide feedback.

Day -30: Washout Period

Day 0: Snapshot #1 & Begin Preferred Biohacking Regimen

Day 45: Snapshot #2

Day 90: Snapshot #3 & End of Biohacking Challenge

Day -30 —Washout Period

We’ll start by doing a 30-day washout period. For new biohackers (i.e. people not presently doing any biohacks), there’s nothing to washout, so you can immediately go to Day 0. For seasoned biohackers, this means “washing out” all biohacks and going back to “normal” regimen to see what baseline is.

Day 0 — Start Biohacking Regimen

An example biohacking regimen can contain nootropics, different regimens of diets or fasting. Our preferred biohacking regimen is as follows:

  1. The Full Stack by Nootrobox, a set of nootropics (2x RISE daily, 2x KADO-3 daily, SPRINT, YAWN as needed).
  2. Weekly 36 hour Monk fast (from Monday night to Wednesday morning).

Continuous Monitoring

  1. Continuous glucose monitoring with the Freestyle Libre.
  2. Heart rate, steps, and general activity monitoring with Jawbone Up3 & Apple Watch.
  3. Integration with iOS applications including Cardiogram (specializing for heart rate) and Gyroscope (overall quantified-self visualizations).
  4. Computer productivity monitoring with RescueTime.
  5. Mood monitoring and compliance with Nootrobox alpha testing software Introspect and Coach (email us at biohackerchallenge@nootrobox.com if you’re interested in learning more).

Daily Monitoring

  1. Body fat % / Weight % (using a scale, but we’ll be using proper medical grade equipment at San Francisco State University during Snapshots.).
  2. Ketone monitoring with Ketonix (8 am; 12 pm; 4 pm; 8 pm).
  3. Blood pressure (8 am; 12 pm; 4 pm; 8 pm).

Weekly Monitoring

  1. Psychometric Tests — Cambridge Brain Sciences 3 times/week, once at 12 pm (roughly 1 hour after taking nootropic regimen — esp SPRINT), and once at 10 pm.
  2. EEG monitoring at the same time (quantification of cognitive resources: attention, mental effort, familiarity). We current like Emotiv’s device.

Snapshot Monitoring (Day 0, Day 45, Day 90)

We’re working with Dr. Vinh Ngo to conduct a battery of doctor-prescribed tests on our blood, urine, saliva and stools including:

  1. Genova GI Effects (Stool test) — Gut microbiome. uBiome consumer test is also an option for this.
  2. Genova NutrEval (Urine/Blood test)— Broad spectrum micronutrient levels.
  3. Meridian Valley Male Hormones + HGH (24 hour Urine test).
  4. Neuroscience Neuro-Endocrine Basic (Saliva and Urine test).
  5. Boston Heart Comprehensive Cardio Panel (Blood test).
  6. Quest Diagnostics CBC, IGF-1, IGF B3 (Blood test).
  7. VO2 Max @ San Francisco State University.
  8. Body Fat % @ San Francisco State University.

Day 90 — The End

We’ll report in and share all of our data. We’ll be podcasting and journaling our experiences throughout the process. Let’s see what the data shows!