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CES is over, a lot of it looks like the Sharper Image catalog brought back to life, there is an menagerie of devices that are not going to make it but we’re glad folks are trying. In the wearables segment we spotted a bunch, many of them trackers / fitness / quant. self – here are a few. The theme for the successes we believe will be “your clothing is connected”.

HEXOSKIN, smart shirt – a biometric shirt is a “portable lab” that monitors cardiac, respiratory, and activity data.

160105 Healthbox Preorder Dt V2
Under Armour HealthBox – they’ve gone big and bold, HTC for the hardware and according to WIRED “The company’s spent more than $700 million since 2013 in a bid to correct a fundamental flaw in every activity tracker and app: None of them communicate with each other.”

Shirts, shoes, scales, watches which do monitoring and more, we’re just getting started. AI is missing, and making this all useful and meaningful is missing, someone will get there.

Misfit ray is one of the more stylish ambient wearables, they were bought by Fossil, so we’ll see if that’s a distraction or amplifies their opportunities.

Withings Go has a battery that lasts 8 months and an e-ink screen, it looks like the most “glance-able” tracker out there.

We’re starting to think that just measuring something isn’t going to be enough, that seems nailed, what happens with the data next is where it could be interesting. Is there an app that will say, in simple terms, “hey, I noticed when you run 1.5 miles you sleep better, but not on weekends”. Or something like that, all the data is there, but it’s not that useful.