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In mid-March of 2017 Oscar Widegren ran alone as part of “The Impossible Run” project. Oscar is a blind paraolympian who normally does his running with a guide. Over the last two years Oscar worked with the Swedish sound company Lexter to develop a hyper directional sound technology. The video is impressive (especially with the lights off perspective).

[ Via @  The Next Web ]

The technology is called hyper directional sound technology. What’s so special about it is its ability to emit sound in extremely narrow beams. The speaker uses a thin film to generate an ultrasonic beam of sound. And just like a flash light controls a ray of light, hyper directional sound directs sound in sharp lines, only audible for the people you point it at.

Even though the technology itself has been around for years, no-one has ever tried this – to essentially re-create the running track lines with these “sound lines” and give a blind person an inner visual of an invisible sound corridor.

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