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ketocana product

It’s 2pm at the office and you are getting very sleepy. You’ve already exhausted your repertoire of caffeine and sugar. What can you do to maintain mental focus?  You could start experimenting with a another fuel source…ketones…

I’ve been using KetoCaNa for the last two weeks and have been very impressed with the results. This product provides a form of exogenous ketones. Our bodies are able to run on either glucose or ketones, but very few humans follow a diet low enough in carbohydrates to generate their own ketones. This where KetoCaNa comes in.

What did I notice when taking KetoCaNa?

  1. It is delicious. The orange flavor tastes natural and is delightful in water, with chia seed and my personal favorite is to put some in La Croix (cherry lime flavored) sparkling water.
  2. It gets you jacked! Look out. The recommended dosage is way too high in my opinion. It feels like a psychedelic is coming on. My recommendation is to try taking 1 tsp instead of the recommended 1 TBL.
  3. Perfect for exercise. I tried running, swimming and riding on ketones which worked out great. It was extremely easy to travel with the a light ketone powder and reload my water bottle multiple times for long endurance activities.
  4. Ketones are a lot more amenable than caffeine and sugar for tasks that require mental focus. Instead of being easily distracted I found it easy for sit down for hours and concentrate on a single task.
  5. Just the right mix. I’ve tried a few exogenous ketones and some of them try to boost themselves with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and caffeine. I’d prefer to manage those things separate from one another. There is some calcium and salt in this mix which is great because those electrolytes are critical for low carb folks.
  6. Bridges the gap. If you are on a very low carb diet this product can be helpful with maintaining energy levels as you go in and out of ketosis. Sometimes I want to have a beer with my friends, but the next day I will be out of ketosis and lethargic. These external ketones can get me through the day until I am producing my own ketones again.
  7. Monitoring for ketones. The Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketones do show up clearly on ketostix (urine) and ketone blood strips. Testing breath for acetone levels was showing minimal change so that question I’ve passed on to the scientists for feedback on.
  8. Lasts for half the day. I like to use 1 tsp with my morning exercise and 1 tsp with my afternoon computer work.

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