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“Slow down the game” that is the goal for athletes when training for high speed ball sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, football and tennis (to name only a few). Stroboscopic technology has proven that it can enhance performance by providing snapshots of vision [studies 1 2 3] . The idea is that by reducing vision for different periods of time one can enhance judgement about depth, position, movement, motor skill and improve overall perceptual processing. In particular eyewear that intermittently reduced light transmission resulted in superior acquisition of the perceptual motor task.


Nike was not the only company who has produced expensive obstruction based glasses. Several companies recognized that limiting visual and sensory feedback makes for an easier in game experience. Three other stroboscopic glasses that have been made:



While the prosumer grade stroboscopic glasses  tends to be expensive there is always a DIY option to experiment with. Adafruit sells two sizes of Controllable Liquid Crystal Shutter Glass [1 2]. It would be a fun experiment to 3D print some custom glasses, add on a controller to adjust the blackout period  and experiment with playing catch using a soft ball.