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10 Incredible Things We Learned About Our Health in 2015 by Max Lugavere –

…new insights into the microbiome were just a few of the most fascinating studies to have come out in 2015. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite studies published over the past year, in no particular order, that you very well ought to pay attention to if you value things like staying alive, feeling good, and performing at your cognitive best.

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Good round up, tis’ the season for top 10 lists. Follow the link to see all the studies.

  1. Your brain is directly connected to your body’s immune system
  2. Yes, using your iPhone before bed screws up your sleep
  3. Eat spicier food to stay alive longer
  4. Diet soda makes you fat, too
  5. No, saturated fat isn’t bad for us, but our relationship with it is still complicated
  6. The evidence to make us fear fat in the first place wasn’t there, either
  7. Back to square one—how do we reduce heart disease?
  8. Give cognitive decline the FINGER (study)
  9. Your age is just a number. Get over it. Now focus on your biological age instead
  10. Extra virgin olive oil came into the spotlight as a brain health rockstar