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What Your Food Is Really Doing to Your Body.

The gut of each and every one of us is akin to a garden. And as many gardeners know, the plants that make a garden are only as vibrant and resilient to pests and pathogens as the soil in which they are rooted. The real key to a vibrant and healthy garden—both inside and outside our bodies—comes from cultivating legions of beneficial bacteria. The not-so-secret ingredient for doing so? Mulch. That’s right, plant matter for the tiny alchemists in our colonic cauldron to feast upon just as they do in garden soil. When they fill up on such fodder, we harvest a well-stocked medicine chest.

Read more. Perhaps ones of the best articles that explains how food works and its metabolic fate.

We think there’s going to be many and more “gut biome” start ups. Amazon prime’ing it style, you order a kit, supply a sample, send back, get a web site with big data that tells you what’s up, or down. Pictured above is uBiome. Where is it going? Personalized medical treatments, diet and a bunch of confusion too. Expect folks to start telling you what their “enterotype” is.

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