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23andMe Blames Chipper Mornings on Genetics @ WIRED.

A new study published in the open-access journal Nature Communications says that at least some of your wake-up preference is encoded in your genes. Now, it’s not like anybody needs a diagnostic test for morningness. (Unless you want one. Would you buy one?) No, this study is notable because of who did it: the gene startup 23andMe, using a subset of their vast, user-submitted genetic database.

Read more & full study here “GWAS of 89,283 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with self-reporting of being a morning person” (PDF). It’s Circadian rhythms week it seems.

Is there a 23andMe API for developers so “if” you are OK with your DNA being accessed an app can do things like optimize your screen, suggest health/exercise/diet, etc? When we did one of the DNA tests it said “you’re a sprinter” – OK, that’s cool, but that was it, having suggestions and actions based on that would be helpful.