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Night milk: milk taken from cows at night might be the sleep aid you need | Society | The Guardian.

According to an animal study in the Journal of Medicinal Food, night milk – literally milk collected from a cow at night – contains high amounts of tryptophan and melatonin, supplements proven to aid sleep and reduce anxiety.
“Considering the fact that tryptophan and melatonin are abundant in night milk, it is possible that the sedative effect of night milk may be attributable to these substances,” the study authors wrote.

Researchers from Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea, fed lab mice doses of dried milk powder from cows milked both during the day and night mixed with water. Mice that received night milk, which contained 24% more tryptophan and about 10 times as much melatonin, were less active than mice that were given day milk.

Read more & study here “Milk Collected at Night Induces Sedative and Anxiolytic-Like Effects and Augments Pentobarbital-Induced Sleeping Behavior in Mice”.

So far they’ve just made some sleepy mice with night milk, however it’s not impossible to imagine in the dairy section, night milk for people one day. “In 2010, German company Milchkristalle GmbH patented “nocturnal milk” and produced a powder from milk collected between the hours of two and 4am”. GOTH MILK… ?