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We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Doctors – The New York Times.

By divulging every last detail to these apps, we make them incredibly valuable — but also potentially ruinous, if our most sensitive records were to fall into the wrong hands. Clue repeatedly talked up its airtight security, and I currently believe the company about that, just as I once believed eBay’s, Snapchat’s and Evernote’s claims that their services were safe. And yet each was hacked, eventually. These days, breaches are inevitable, which presents an impossible dilemma. The only conclusion I’ve come to is that we have to evaluate each new relationship to hardware and software individually and assess the trade-offs. Clue has this on the “pro” side of the ledger: McDonald, Houghton and Tin all believe Clue will settle the debate over McClintock’s research.

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There is no other device than a phone, now, that gets looked at hundreds of times per day and is becoming connected to our health and bio-stats, it’s the most intimate and potentially life changing device that will enter our lives. Once added, it never goes away, only gets upgraded and our data shifts around in the cloud. Sprinkle so AI in this and we’ll have a “friend” for life, good time to be experiencing this, powerful and we’ll need to decide what matters for privacy and as the researchers state … pros/cons.