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Stephen Curry, star of the undefeated Golden State Warriors, biohacker….

…Stephen Curry, the star of the undefeated Golden State Warriors (23-0), says that his training routine includes sensory deprivation tanks and flashing goggles.

With prodding from Golden State’s new head of physical performance and sports science, Lachlan Penfold, Curry and Barnes are among the Warriors who, since the start of camp, frequent this spa for one-hour sessions spent bobbing belly-up in salt water inside sensory-deprivation pods. The solution, which is saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, provides magnesium for soreness in a weightless environment, which in turn decompresses the spine and releases tension in muscles. Heat it to skin-temperature and pour it in a pod devoid of light and sound, and you get an experience that is not unlike drifting in space.

…I wear goggles with flashing lights that obstruct my vision (while dribbling and passing). Weird, random stuff. Those kinds of sensory distractions are variables that take my mind off the ball and sharpen the brain, helping me neurologically. All of that stuff helps me slow the game down.

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Look to athletes with unlimited budget and time for performance tweaks to give some clues as to what we’ll see next for the masses. After sports players wrap up all their endorsement deals with food, head phone and fashion companies, biohackery devices are next. Look for teams of players all wearing Muse devices during halftime soon to get more mindful about the game 🙂