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Have you ever had that friend on Facebook who all of a sudden has transformed themselves? Brian Konash is that friend of mine. Brian was a little guy, but as you can see he is now a muscular machine through lots of lifting, clean living and partner acrobatics. Check out his path to enhancement below.

What kind of geek are you?

I am a Systems Administrator with 17 years experience in small and large companies. I focus on Linux, MongoDB and VMware.

A few years ago you were a little guy in relatively poor health and overweight. What happened that you transformed into a ripped monster?

In 2012 I joined my current company and lived at work for the next year helping make it succeed with the team. After it began succeeding, the work became less intense, and I became bored. I needed something to do with my extra time. Partner Acrobatics is what I chose to do. I still work full time at the company, but in my off hours I train.

What do your recommend to other who are want to improve their strength? (Diet | Exercises | Types of Acro)

I follow these guidelines to maintain enough strength for partner acro:

  1. Vegetarian diet

  2. Treat bread/carbs like candy

  3. Eat enough protein in the form of shakes

  4. No alcohol, no drugs

  5. Weight training 5x a week, arm/leg split

  6. Partner acro training 6x a week

What do you focus on now for you training?

I am focusing on making routines with my partners for eventual performance.

Weight training 5x a week and practicing partner acro 6x a week seem like serious commitments. What motivates you to maintain this level of training?

Getting better at partner acrobatics means reshaping your life around it. I spend an hour in the weight room for every hour I practice acrobatics. It’s a large sacrifice. I don’t have a social life to speak of. Relationships suffer, to put it mildly. What makes me do it? I just love doing it. I’m bored if I don’t and boredom is worse than not doing this.

Is there any technology you use to train with? Apps, HR monitors or fitness sites?

I do not use any hardware to train with aside from safety straps in the weight room if I am lifting heavier than a 37 year old should.

You can follow Brian’s partner acrobatics on instagram.