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The Token Ring has just started pre-sales for it’s attractive wearable bluetooth / NFC ring. They have released a rather fantastic video showing a world of automated door locks opening, logging into computers by knocking twice, starting a car without a key and even paying for transactions just by wearing this jewelry. However, looking a little closer there usual compatibility concerns come up. Will this ring work with my stuff?¬†

  • Price – The ring is $250 – $299 based on finish options. The DoorLock and CarKey accessories are $100 each. It would be a $450 investment to get started.
  • DoorLock Compatibility – The DoorLock requires using tokens digital lock today.
  • Vehicle Compatibility – If your vehicle has a start button it involves sending in an extra key fob for your vehicle and receiving a custom programmed CarKey device which plugs into the vehicles OBD-II port.
  • Transit Card Compatibility – 80 transit systems supported by 2018. That is great if yours is on the list (which is not provided).
  • Access Card Compatibility¬†– Swapping your work badge might be an option if it is HID SEOS based. The Token rings works with HID ICLASS SE and Multiclass SE readers.

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