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Rare earth magnets and LED strips are a match made in wearable heaven

What your manicure has to do with successful circuits

When the sewing gets tough, the tough get…


Save time with this heat shrink hack

Gloves on!

The power of tape

To sandwich or not?


Put a bow on it

The needle for the job

Stiff upper lip

Resistance is futile


Whip it

Make an extra arm

Darkness for lightness

Cool down

Tape it down



Interfacing comfort

Recycle and repurpose

Cleaning is key

A perfect circle


Draw it on

What you need to to know about your FLORA and USB power

Super simple data jewelry

Conductive yarn: our favorite wearable material for winter

Color Code for Sanity’s Sake


Wiring for 3X AAA Battery Holder

Coin Cell Batteries: the good, the bad, the gemma

Choosing the right soldering iron

The right way to use E6000 with sequins


How waterproof are my Firewalker LED sneakers?

Securing your battery the right way

Get Sequin Savvy

Tool of the day: the toothpick!


Testing your Circuit

Lithium Batteries: a soft touch goes a long way

Stabilize your Project

A Dashboard above the rest

3D Print Authentic Cosplay Greebles


Add Audio FX to any wearables project

Enclosures help fight body humidity in costumes

No-brainer method for putting LEDs in costumes

Feather in your cap (to hide the electronics)


Bluefruit + Trinket = maxed-out awesome

We’ve got an easy way to add light to your next project

In the beginning, start small!

Our little secret to weather-proofing your projects


And now a word on laser ettiquette

Don’t sweat it

Let’s twist again, like we did to your last jewelry jump ring

Go all out

A special LED cosplay recipe


Sports supplies

Gluing gloves

Get the resin right

Batteries out!


You’re a gem

Capture sounds

Use a light touch

Fill the gaps

Polished presentation


Don’t be afraid to sparkle

When it comes to stitches, size does matter

Use this to diffuse LEDs on your wearables

Go insane with a membrane (button or keypad)


How to attach a battery to your next wearables project

This zipper hack is one of our faves

Show your project’s true color with this sensor

We’ve got the low down on soft slide adjustments



Never underestimate the power of the sticker

A few tips on selecting the right microcontroller for your project

Thinking of involving your pet in your next wearables project?

When it comes to wiring your neopixels, direction matters!


Need a lot of power for your project? Read on!

Sample code is your new best friend

Embroidery is vector, cross stitch is raster

Tinning is winning

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Code


The secret to a lasting bond is… the right glue, of course!

Last minute glow

It’s raining, It’s pouring, oh-my-god oh-my-god is my project doomed?!?

This one’s for all the Cosplayers out there


There are some limits to conductive thread

Zip it, zip it good

Conductive thread and your sewing machine

Need to wash your project? This tip’s a time saver


Use the FLORA GPS to map your journey

Battery placement: what you need to know

Read this before mixing wearables and water

Take control of your LED sequins

Where should I cut on my Neopixel LED strip?


The best place to secure your switch

Safety first! Bike helmets and wearables

New to sewing? Check this out

I’m sensing you’re going to want to read this sensor tip


Flex your mind, flex your circuit board

Look sharp with this quick tip!

2-ply thread vs. 3-ply thread: here’s the deal

Here’s the scoop on wiring your hoops

This 80s fave makes for a fab switch


Solderable, sewable snaps

Seal the dEaL with this project tip

This sensor is the key to color detection

Need a battery holder that’s soft to the touch? Make your own!


You bet your bootloader you’ll want to check this out

Here’s how NOT to damage your inverter

Keep track of your teeny-tiny components with this everyday object

Here’s how to charge your project wirelessly!


Air Dry > Machine Dry

Keep frays at bay with this helpful hack

You down with i2c? Yeah, you know me!

Let there be light-activated circuits

A clean project is a happy project


Ask not why it’s called a piezo, but ask what a piezo can do for you

Sew with STEEL!

Here’s one way to protect your battery wires!

Help your GPS module get its fix


Make it sticky

Monster-inspired costuming!

Stay frosty

A prop but make it fashion



Car backseat caution

USBs are for more than charging

Use this material for everything

Don’t be scared to tear

More manicure tools for rugged circuits


Getting overly ambitious with EL wire

Protect yourself from a shorted battery!

Study the past

Test and seal


Rattle and glow

Feathers from leather

The eyes have it!

A faux frozen style


Consider a hula hoop

A straw solution

Light up the outside

A diffusion ball!

Careful calibration


Moss as makeup

Spatchy-spatch it

Repurpose your frames

Cut from the middle


Stop the sweat

Wings that shine

Mashing up names

A krazy save


Authenticity vs. comfort

Scraps to pockets

Tear it all apart

A costume and a photo op

Go clearance for multi-purpose


My precious surface!

Hold the solder

Make it pink!

Plastic discoloration? Don’t despair!


Add structural support

Hot glue’s undo button

Frame it with PVC

Hot glue’s undo button


Subvert the location

Mystical liquids

Silicone engraving

Make like a rubber band

Little pixel jackets


EVA foam is like fondant

Don’t miss the forest for the trees

Interface time

Triangles to dragon scales


A vision check

Sticky energy

Be outdoor ready

Vegetable complexion



Make it indestructible

Know your illusion limits

Stabilize with cardboard

Aging made easy

Cracks matter


Pipe cleaner purposes

Old iThings

Do it for the ‘gram

Thrift outside the lines


Turn into a ghost


Ornaments to the rescue

Dialing brightness back


Eye not customize?

Sparkle nails

Start with too much

A wand’s humble beginnings

DIY mirror film


Make a convincing eye

Cellophane for crystals

Microphone protection

Everything in its place


Battery wars

Stop the itch

EVA foam to wood

Look beyond buttons

Marker, meet flower


When wrecking acrylic is for the best

Fit twice, assemble once

LED strands go the extra mile

Grocery store assist


Flip UV on its head

Hot glue magic

Hold that crazy eye

Add the gloss


Less LED, more rhinestone

Tilt for a reaction

High visibility with a little glow

Love that layout

Hobby knife on hand


Augmented reality IRL

Plan for you

It’s all in the key

Over the overspray


Hand puppet glow up

Cheap wigs FTW

Make a list of everything you want

No sew pockets!


Puff paint > glue?

An unexpected diffusion

How to twist light

Foiling texture

Choose alignment



Fiber optic grooming

Painting armor with fabric

Shake it off

Playtime reference


Staying spiky

Pre-written code permission

Form a flame

Epoxy and foam, BFFs


ID inventory

No cure for time

It’s not a deal breaker

Lacy wires

Puffy paint plus


Spandex separates

Raid the kitchen

Stitch marks

Fishing for a connection


A PVC scroll

Block the light

When you need support

No loose ends… or wires


A Gundam enthusiastic attitude

Take an icy bath

Swatch it up

Turn up the volume

Bubbling liquids


Get it all cut


Sight line savvy

What’s on the outside


Electronics need space sometimes

Brace for fabric

Authentic shell business

The heated enemy

Prime time for a refresher


Look deep into cabochon eyes

The final environment

Don’t fix what isn’t broken

Tweezing tool importance


Salt and diffuse

Pause before assembly

Stock your shop

Think about the squish


Needle, thread, and foam

Liquid magic

Hot glue undo

Set, flash, repeat


Modification du jour

Not the charge, the transfer

5 meter fun

A glowing start point

Don’t let it fray



Photograph considerations

Add a layer of protection

Make your mark

Filament filled?


Solder-less magic

Make a firefly effect

Emphasize the light

The press of a button


Resist warmth

Pocket advantage

Cleaning is key

Zip it up

Leave space to plug in


Don’t start from scratch

Light as a Worbla feather

Battery wash cycle

Black light glow


Skin safe sticking


Molding with glue

Tape, meet 3D printing

Ride with cosplay opportunity


Start with a strand

Switch the advantage

A bevel illusion

Check it off a list


Body light

Plastic gem know-how

Victorian Arduino pizzazz

From flower petals to top


Painting plastic hair

Ice, ice baby

Try maximum twinkling

Diagram delight

Go to the library


Making muscles

Don’t be wooden

Level up your wig FX

Rivets hinge on this


Household resources

From mat to hat

Learn about stretch

Keeping it sealed


Go vector

Mystical elements

Glue for the occasion

Test preparation


Make a magic blast

Cel shading rules

Keep power minimal

A haunting effect

Eye of many colors



Environment creation

Comfortable scales

Toy with inspiration

Simulate tattoos


Check for sources

Don’t shy away from intricacy

Get concrete solutions

Cosplay photos 101

Finger painting memories

Color considerations


Go all in

Hand beading mimicry

Special servo movement

Binding time


Fabric as a feather

Start with a sketch


Cut carefully

Upholstery ties

Plastic can dye


Tricky light placement

Don’t underestimate alkaline

Zig then zag

Dressing up a dress

Go fish for wigs

Combine the fancy with the plain

NeoPixel support group

Putty in your hands

Design with IFTTT

Perform operation

Skin adherence

Brightness know-how

Template commitment

Template commitment

Flip the norm

Digital mannequin

Surface shine and prep

Keep in shape

Pigmentation safety

Resist temptation

Stay transparent

Nailed it

Painting hair


Fail gracefully

Is there a spoon?

Looking older

Stay put, paint!

Tidy wires are happy wires

Leverage long exposure

Not a loophole

Make it snow

Is it armor or fabric?

Add some depth

Find the extraordinary

Make an outline

Motion reaction

It hinges on this

Embrace modification

Count the run time

Foam expertise

Keep the scraps

A light reflection

Don’t skip the cracks


Fiber optic infusion

Spreading light

Avoid burnout

Etching a stencil

Brushing it clean

Snap a picture

Hot glue free zone

Make metallic magic

Make yourself invisible

Birds of a feather

Cyclops consideration

Most pixel for the power

Start below the surface

Length matters

Close the gaps

Nick and Dent


Creative scanning

Emboss effect

Gold glow

Faking wood

Glitter big

Spooky liquids

A soft glow

Spray on weather

Cosplay > yoga

Paint without limits

Socket strength

It’s all in the sauce

Make a note

Prevent a rattle

Sew a bun

Fire pit to shield

Towels and tape

Strand by strand

No slouching

Mossy additions

Control consideration


Tape tactics

FOSSHAPE familiarity

Go magnetic

Chalk it up

Glue thoughts

Go with silicone

Keep joints in place

Fabric + LEDs = fun

Stencil material

Tidy wires are happy wires

It’s riveting

Go cartoony

Tinker, try, do it

Transparency save

Add some flash in a dash

Pipe cleaner value

Cast an LED spell

Minimize blackouts

Build the framework

Carving effects


Clamp assist

Sound and fury

Circuit star

Foam feathers

Wood paint

Impatience reward

Conduct with care

Tin efficiently

Do a dry fit

Potion effects

Let the fog roll in

Shine on

Keep it accessible

Puff it up

Hardware-ing armor

Save a cuppa tea

Faux stained glass

Seal that foam

Beach balls and balloon

Thrifty beading

Solder on the go

Use every inch

Fiery effects


Magical hair


Velcro dread

Weather the storm

Test along the way

Scale it down

Battery save

Micromanage microcontrollers

Practical considerations

Score knowledge goals

Stick to texture

Morphin’ time

Yank and test

TV lightbox

Stuffed animal supplies

Bite into this

Upcycle for details

Fabric flexibility

Lights maximize minimalist looks


Zip tie assist

Hair roller modification

Spin a yarn

Maximum airflow

Make it real

Break the bond

Award winning shield

Vintage cosplay resources

Furry face

Don’t be a dummy

Wig height

Foot form

Draw it out

Bin it up

Use what you have

Symmetry speaks

Look to the floor

Spread the light

Experiment with dye

Hit the ground running

We can see through you



Foil shine

Shelf liner for cosplay

Compare and contrast

Get inspired by fan art

Tape organization

Comfort is key

Create a strong bond

Put LED strips in their place

Sticking to silicone

Fabric just for you

No sweat allowed

Stamp it down

Push this button

Swim with the fish

Birds of a faux feather

From sign to helmet

Pins lead the way

Let it rain

What charge do you need?

Glue forgiveness

Don’t forget a coat

Let’s get rugged


Add some flexibility

Sculpting on a budget

Fake the sweat and tears

What’s your tolerance?

Go retro with pixels

Quick and easy arm cast

Be silly

$2 goes a long way

Take it slow

Get in prime shape

Fabric and light matches

Dots of light

Maquette moves

Fake scar know-how

Try the unlikely

Make shoes warrior boots

Level it up

Two in one

Flex that foam

Patience is the key

Keeping LEDs flexible

Have extra heads on hand


Dripping effects

Make a pouch

Ask the right questions

Ace accessorizing

Free movement

Glow, gemstone, glow

The binding element

Defeat UV discoloration

It’s okay to be scaly

Leave yourself a note

Treat yoself with hobby knives

Positive reinforcement

Templates are king

Build a LED flashlight

Make an adhesive bag

Multitasking bonus

It all depends on the string

Clean it up

Carve out time for inspiration

Back to basics

When not to hot glue


Glow with fur

Bringing cosplay to life

Cut it to fit

App know how

Make that prop functional

Take flight with shiny wings

Airbrushing to the rescue

Crafting vertebrae

Use all the resources

Headfirst measurements

It’s what’s inside that counts

Say it with a hat

Get hammered with foam

Scour the sales

Flex and test

Glitter glue to the rescue

Check that paint

Undergarment rules

Colorful consideration

LED care


Eraser to arrow

From floor to sword

Weft that wig

Foam to leather

Starting with a paper doll

Go for a swim

Create an illusion

Location, location!

Re-purpose Pepakura

Magic inside the Magic Band

Let it fall to pieces

Cast a spell with UV ink

Liquid latex makes it stick

All about the texture

Go metallic

Leather transformation

Back to basics


The ultimate glue selection

This won’t tie your stomach in knots

Practice patience

Diffuse the glow

The gauntlet has been thrown

Learn a new trick

Consider the weight

Show your true colors

Pick a new skill

Spring (or whenever) cleaning

Fabric or metal?

Save the scraps

From upholstery to cosplay

Bring out the details

DIY dress form

Tinted lenses from folders


The floor up

Bow ties are cool from the get go

Measure at least twice

Follow the sound of our voice

Birds of a faux feather

Use a circuitry roadmap

Document all the things!

Damage before paint

Use what’s there


Shower curtain sequins

Vinegar meets rust

Freezer paper magic

Toying around

Strain relief is serious business

A little LED goes a long way

Love your brushes

Shape matters

Style trials

The opposite of letting your hair down

Makeup + GEMMA = magic

Treat Yo Self

Let me see that fancy footwear

Painting pants

Cereal box to cosplay

Keep it simple


With aging comes beauty

It’s not cheating

Faith, trust, and LEDs

Mark it up

Maintain the hair

Take baby steps

Remember the insides

Fire and ice

From cosplay to everyday

Custom fabric with lino

Look for places to hide

Full ruffle coverage

Velcro and clips save the day

It’s in the eyes

Smoothing Worbla

Put it in a bag

Embroider with puff paint

Use the kitchen sink!

Mini cosplay repair kit


Keep your eyes peeled

Only use as much sensor as you need

The magic sewing supply you didn’t know existed

Practice this healthy work habit every day

Proper planning promotes positive results

Muscle-activated everything

You down with IoT?

Organization = happiness

Diffusion is everything!

How much power do they REALLY use?

Touch-sensitive circuits

Costume triggers and switches

The value of exploration

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Fiber Optic Wearables

The miracle of magnets

The value of a prototype

Which sewable microcontroller do I use?

Documentation Station

Tear it down!

3D printed battery pockets

Match your wire color to your shoes

Laundry day!


Braids aren’t just for hair anymore

Tiny, Fabulous OLEDs

Stay Sharp!

Another great glue

Two needles are (sometimes) better than one

Control your wearables with your phone and bluetooth

Up your selfie game with this DIY roll-up photo light

OLED vs TFT: tradeoffs!

Customize your Adafruit IO Dashboard


Waterproof your Tactile Switch

Don’t chalk it up to chance

Sewing with EL Wire

Soldering on a Neopixel Ring

When stacking PCBs…

Assemble to Disassemble

Creating your own Neopixel Strip

Put your extra hair elastic to good use

Double time with Pattern Pieces

Choosing Between LiPoly and Alkaline

Want to diffuse your leds?

Third hand tool hack

Wiring for USB Power

Why we love Rosin Core



Washing your Ampli-Tie

Worried about oxidation? We’ve got you covered

Securing your Gemma

Here’s a snippet of soldering safety

NinjaFlex is your new favorite material

Incorporate sound into your project with these Adafruit products

Hide batteries in unexpected places

The spiraling way to adapt traditional components for sewing

Here’s how to use your conductive fabric as a switch

We’ve got the low down on oxidation

Worried about catching too many rays? Read on!


Take your manicure to the next level with NFC