Adafruit Daily

3D Printing



Print your own Toy Car Speed Timer

Pay Attention to PLA Color

Beach Vacation ready Boombox Beach Bag with Audio Amp and Speakers


Timelapse Tuesday – Sturdy Scooper

SLA/DLP 3D Printed Squirtle – Timelapse Tuesday

Don’t be too Quick to Discard

Using LEDs in your 3D Printed Project? Prep with Polarity in Mind


When Working with Wires…

Gnomedozer | 3D Printed Table Top Game Pieces – Timelapse Tuesday

Powering your 3D Printed BLE Feather Lamp for long usage

Light up your wearable with 3DPrinting

Wireless Controllers using BlueFruit


Outfitting Arcade Buttons with LEDs

Light up your Drums

Timelapse Tuesday – Baby’s first mace

Timelapse Tuesday – Mini Monster Jeep


Timelapse Tuesday – Bungalow Birdhouse

Add Full color graphics to 3D Printed parts!

Timelapse Tuesday – Voronoi Camel

Keep wires neat with heat shrink


Portable Mini Timelapse Camera

Timelapse Tuesday – 3D Printing a Lighthouse with LEDS

Timelapse Tuesday – 3DPrinting a Snake with Print in Place Joints

Timelapse Tuesday – PVA / PLA Cute Dragon Bank

Timelapse Tuesday – Octopus Phone Stand


Timelapse Tuesday – Medieval Castle

Timelapse Tuesday – 3D Printed Eyewear Display

Timelapse Tuesday – Articulating Robot



Layer by Layer – Using Parameters with Patterns

Timelapse Tuesday – Neopixel Lamp

A Tip for 3D Printed Capactive Touch Pads

Timelapse Tuesday – Castle Storage Tower

Diffusing LEDs on your Print


Timelapse Tuesday – Wonky Drawers

3D Print your own Electronic Sunglasses

3D Print your own Glowing Mace Prop

Whimsical 3D Printed Desktop Flower Pot

Timelapse Tuesday – Mario Question Block


Timelapse Tuesday – Ghost Bat

Add LEDs to your Lego Bricks with 3D Printing!

Rick Sanchez mask from Rick and Morty

Keep your brushes in tip top form with this 3D Printing project!


Two Halves Can Make a Whole

Timelapse Tuesday – Bioshock syringe

Timelapse Tuesday – Dual Extruded Mobile Stand

3D Print a Quadruped Robot!


3D print a custom mount to attach to the landing gear of a DJI Phantom 4 Drone!

Timelapse Tuesday – Save Pangolins! Dual Color

Timelapse Tuesday – Micro Catapult

Print your own Simple Led Unicorn Horn (and immediately improve your quality of life)

Timelapse Tuesday – Wireframe Skull


Thinking of getting started in soft robotics?

Be careful when casting your 3D printed and electrical components in resin!

Choose your filament wisely

Mini Wrench – Timelapse Tuesday


Arc Bicycle: 3D printed Stainless Steel Bicycle Designed by Students from TU Delft

Timelapse Tuesday – Middle Eastern Villas Planter

Need a Gift for that Special Someone?

Even the Pros Do It

3D Print Post Processing


Add a dash of personality to your next 3D print!

Timelapse Tuesday – Incence Pagoda

Make your project unique with Glow in the Dark PLA!

Catch mistakes early and ensure success! Test your components at each step of complicated 3d prints!


Give your 3D Print a smooth finish!

Light It Up!

Customize your Project with Paint

Watch John Park test a 3D Printed Camera Slider


Live Long, 3D Print & Prosper

Timelapse Tuesday – 3D Printed Mini Wrench

Using Adhesives with Hinge Clips on your Print

3D Printed Jumbo Dodecahedron – Timelapse Tuesday

Ride in Style with the Help of this Print


Egg Fortress – Timelapse Tuesday

With Circuits, it’s Always best to Test

A 3D Printed way to Custom Mount your GoPro

Best practices when assembling intricate 3D printed projects!


Do not pass GO: 3D Printing Checklist!

Scale levelling for every 3D printing skill level!

Soft Robotics Tips

Adding Neopixels to your 3d Printed Project?

Timelapse Tueday – Flexible Pliers



Bed levelling: Is there a work around for a warped platform? Yes!

How well Ninjaflex could adhere to conductive PLA filament?

Slice settings: Go with what you know!

3D Printed Tape Dispenser – Timelapse Tuesday

Use 3D Printing to Save Space in your Fridge


Designing for your 3D printer is a breeze with free 3D CAD suites!

Timelapse Tuesday – Piggy Bank

3D printing with PLA materials and conductive filament!

Filament to the Rescue!


When it’s All About the Details

Perfectly Paired Portable 3D Printed Projects

Carefully remove your supports

Y solder alone?


Wood working with 3D Printing

3D Printed Bulbasaur Planter

Fitting Slide Switches in Parts

Craft Stick Hack

How-to convert 3D printer from 3mm to 1.75mm filament by Tom


Manage the Mess

Head-Turning Headphones

3D Printing PacMan Ghost Voronoi – Timelapse Tuesday

Tapping Standoffs


How to avoid circuit shorts

Tools for support removal

Make your own Compression Springs

Seal Your 3D Printed Molds


How to avoid warping your prints

Custom MIDI Controllers

Removing bumps, string and excess

How to make pointy objects soft

Skateboard ground effects with 3DPrinting


Adhere to this advice when using E6000

Including Hinge Clips on your Print?

How to Minimize Warping on your Pocket PiGRRL

Soft diffusers using NinjaFlex


When Cleaning up Glue…

Mini Gaming Monitors with 3DPrinting

Best way to remove prints

Save print time when protoyping


Custom LED Mic Flags

3D Printed Christmas tree topper

3D Modeling Enclosures for DIY Projects

Winter’s hottest accessory is…NeoPixel Coat Buttons!

3D Printing: Know your filament!


3D Printing: Understanding the technology

Add Lights and emjois to Arcade Buttons with 3D Printing!

3D Printing CT Toy Train & Tracks – Timelapse Tuesday

Wind Energy Stored In Gravity with 3D Printing


Jaw-dropping 3D graffiti art from Odeith

3D Printed Doodle Clock by Ekaggrat

Clever SD card holder: SDegosaurus

Meet the “Magic Wand” of crafting



Retirement gift made with Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board and 3D Printing

Add flexible spikes to your hoodie

Add flexible spikes to your hoodie

Blinky Kitty with 3D Printing!

Design advantage to the 3D Printed 7″ Multitouch Display

3D Printed Nintendo Style Case for the Raspberry Pi


3D Printed Spider-Man Mask Lets Anyone Become a Hero!

3D Printed B787 Jet Engine with Thrust Reverser

Making small adjustments to your print

Scaling Paths


DIY Super Fast 3D Printer

Keep that protective film on your display until…

3D Prints the World’s Smallest Working Circular Saw

Back to 1984: 3D Print Your Own Retro Mini Apple Computer, or Purchase One on Etsy


No such thing as the perfect fit

What is Dual Extrusion?

3D Printed Evil Face Planter!

Removing Supports

3D Printed FPV Antenna tracker for heavier antennas


Painter’s Tape: Not just for Painters

Stop standoffs from breaking

Need 3d printed parts but don’t have a 3d printer?

Keep an eye on your print


Print Slower with NinjaFlex

Bed Leveling

Which Extruder is left and right?

How To Close Seams

Acheiving a Quality Print


Removing Bumps, String and Excess

3D Printed Case for Raspberry Pi Pico

Rotate your project to print longer parts!

3D Printed DIY Darksaber Build!


3D Printed LED Reactive Light-Up Hockey Puck!

Print In Place Handle Fusion 360 Tutorial!

3D Printed window with transparent filament!

3D Printed Light Ring Mount!


3D printed Two Way Screw!

3D Printed Dual material cloth

3D Printed Spray Can Magnetic straw holder

SpaceX Dragon Capsules

3D Printed Caliper


Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Case!

Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Case

3D Printed Fabric Face Mask Clips

Star Wars Rogue One Trooper Time-Lapse


Plague Doctor Mask

3D Printed Claw Grabber

Shredder V8 Gears

3D Printed Magic Water Tap!


Retractable door opener

Minimal Fume Extractor

Icosahedron Dome Connectors

Power Sponge!



3D Printed Lanyard Card Holder

Brick Mould 1/12 Scale

3D print your own paracord lanyard

Mini Vise Timelapse

RGB Matrix Slot Machine


Toilet Paper Roll Extender

Touchless Door Opener

Kitchen Utensil Tray

Thread Gauge


3D printed coin sorter!

Zelda BOTW Thunerblade Print!

3D printed skirt

Raspberry Pi Cam C Mount to EF Adapter Timelapse

NeoPixel Infinity Mirror Coaster


PyPortal Titano Weather Station

USB Microscope Diffuser

PyBadge Thermal Camera Case

Strap a display to your PS4 controller


Knuckle Cutter

BLE Buzzy Box

PET Watering Can

Safety Glasses Wall Mount


BLE Vibration Bracelet

Seriously the BEST $2 3D printer upgrade

Simple Mini Fume Extractor

Build a flying claw with Circuit Playground and Makecode!

Mosaic Lamp


DIY Motorized Turntable

Timelapse – Marvin Yacht

Marblevator by Greg Zumwalt


Timelapse: Ambiguous cylinder illusion/cup

3D Printed Can Sash

Raspberry Pi 4B Case with 50mm Fan

3D Printed Buttons, Printed As A Single Unit!


Timelapse: Die Hard PyPortal Fireplace

3D Printed Concrete Planter!

3D Printed Tiki Drummer!

Timelapse: FaceHugger

3D Printed Skyrim Glass Dagger Blade Remix!


3D Printed Collar Flange for Self-Watering planter!

3D Printed LEGO Jumbo Minifig Viking Helmet!

3D Printed Mario Bros Brick Block Pencil Holder!

How to Make Animated Graphics for Hologram Displays


3D Printed Cosplay Dagger

3D Printed Death Trooper Helmet from Rogue One!

Designing an ergonomic utility knife using Fusion 360!

3D Printed Treasure Chest Dice Case!


3D Printed Hobgobbler!

3D Printed Longboard Stand

3D Printed Star Trek – Phaser Type II!

3D Printed Collapsing Wand!

3D Printed Jack Skellington Box!



Star Wars Galaxys Edge Bottle Cap

3D Printed Adjustable Toy Stand!

3D Printed 2nd Gen Apple Pencil Clip

LEGO Head Lamp with Audio


3D Printed Arduino PC Gamepad

3D Printed Mario Brick Planter

3D Printed Corgi with movable legs

This 3D printed heart beats in time with your pulse!


CPX Cauldron Timelapse

3D Printed Decora wall switch extender

3D Printed Faucet extension

Another 3DPrinted Snaplock Buckle

Dual Extruded Lizard – Timelapse Tuesday


3D printed Flat sanding block with dust extraction

EPIC 3D Printing Timelapses via @3dmakernoob

Surtur Crown – Timelapse

EL wire stick figure costume with 3D Printed Battery Holder!


Animatronic Glowing Medusa Headdress

Use glitter infused filament to give your 3D prints texture!

Make Link’s Bladesaw!

3D Printed orbital Lab Shaker with Crickit!

3D Printed Swirly Pen Holder!


3D Printed Larp Arrows

Single Part 3D Printed RC Airboat by @RCLifeOn

Tub Boat Timelapse

Bob-Omb Timelapse


Speaker microphone

Sugar Dog Skeleton – Timelapse

Immortan Joe Mask – Timelapse

3D Print a Snap Fit Case for Your Neotrellis game!


3D printed Bowsette Crown!

Use an orbital shaker to disolve 3D printed PVA support material fast!

3D Print a physical mailbox for your emails!

Tap mounting holes in your 3D printed project!

What If I Don’t Have A 3D Printer?


Helm of Glencairn – Timelapse

Raven Skull Statue – Timelapse

3D Print a Simple Birdfeeder for Songbirds

3D Printed Hot glue gun stand (7mm)


Fully automatic 3D Printed foam dart blaster

How to use Tinkercad Codeblocks to create a 3D Design!

San Francisco Cable Car Timelapse

Rotisserie Marshmallow Roaster – Timelapse


Layer by Layer – Fusion 360 Tutorial!

3D Printed Reciprocating Rack and Pinion!

3D Print this LEGO Compatible Battery Case!

Michael Cardacino’s “Emptiness of Shark”


Nintendo Labo piano improvements tutorial

3D Printed a Mount for your Circuit Playground Express Touch Tone

Bed mount accessories

Timelapse – Rotisserie Marshmallow Roaster

LED Arrow – Bike Light



Prototyping with LEGO

Timelapse – Low Poly Heart Vase

Printing Lungs Using 3D, Bioprinting, and Stem Cells

How to Use PVA Filament


Timelapse – Floating Tub Boat

3D print a mount for your robotics projects

Spray Paint Finish Process: ????????? Surface technique for Prototypes Models & Mock ups

Desktop Fume Extractor: 3D Printed Carbon Filter Retainer

Multi-Material Kirby on a Star Box


Timelapse – Villa Planter

Cast a 3D Printed Necklace in Metal

Filament clip for 3mm filament

Jedi Knight Sigil Light Saber Mount


Protect and decorate your webcam with a lego compatible cover!

Timelapse – Dual Color Euoplocephalus

Bottom watering flower pot

3D Printed USB Foot Switch Controller in Circuit Python


3d Printed Flower Lamp Shade

3D Printing Tips For Resin Casting

Timelapse – Starman Dual Color

Articulated Butterfly

Skipping Rope Handles with Threaded Caps


Make a motorized dice roller!

Timelapse – Grab Toy Infinite

Timelapse – Multi-Color Ferrari 246 F1

Interactive Star Wars Lightsaber Beer Tap by @DIY_Engineering


Multi-Color Zip Top Pencil Case

Mechanical LEGO Keyboard

A Word on Wood Filament

Timelapse – Multi-Color Sphinx


Mavic Pro Controller Bike Handlebar Mount

This silent coffee grinder will save your ears and break your caffeine habit

Tool Stand

Hobby Knives Can Come in Handy

Timelapse – Low Poly T-Rex


Robots Build London’s First 3D Printed Store

Printing Multi-Colored Parts

Refrigerator Bottle Holder

3D Print an enclosure for the Google AIY Voice Kit


Timelapse – Forbidden Watchtower

10 Button Joystick Remixed

Train Turntable – 3D Printing Timelapse

3D Print A Case For Your GEMMA M0

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Drinker Holder


3D Printing 2-Colors

3D Printed Birdhouse by @Sonia_Verdu

3D Print A Precious Gerudo Heirloom for Link Cosplay

Build an LED shield!


Dancing Springs

Add LEDs on your Face with 3D Printing!

Tardis Pi Case Timelapse

Controllable Third Thumb Lets Wearers Extend Their Natural Abilities



Wood Filament

3D Printed Fingerboards for Adafruit Feather

Print a Brick

Duplo Car Base Timelapse


A 3D Printed Alternative to Traditional Tattoos

Make your own Arcade Button Control Box

3D Printing a NES Raspberry Pi Timelapse

LED/RGB Clock with moving hands

Warp Pipe Flowerpot


QUAKE 3 Railgun Replica Prop by @bricotienda

Guardian Robot

Secret Compartment Box


3D Printed Electric Bike

3D Printing Timelapse – SkullCup

IT Explores How to Make 3D Printing Organic

3D Printing Slinkys on FDM with @DesktopMakes

Lego Blues Brothers

Tick Twister

Timelapse Tuesday – Baby Sword

Game Changer: Using a Raspberry Pi to Make an Xbox 360 Into a 3D Printer


Fully Open Source Motorized Camera Slider Build by @RJ_Make

Two Factor Key Case

Timelapse Tuesday – No Bearing Fidget Spinner

Vintage Spotify Radio

Arduino Piezo Box

Color pistol for lightpainting

Duplo compatible half-height quadruple brick

Klint the Chameleon

3D Print A Guardian Sword!

3 colors Anatomical Heart

Raspberry Pi Wall Mounted Case

Warhammer 40K Bolt Pistol

T. Rex Easy Print and Glue

Turtle Planter

The Queen of Spinners

Attaching your print to a glass surface?

Dual Mode Windup Car

Learn how to CNC mill a wooden case!

Dancing Robot Teapot

3D Printed Illuminated Octopus by Garrett Durland


3D Printed Pocket Braille Finder

Terminator T800

Pix-E Raspberry Pi Gif Camera by Nick Brewer

Can’t stop thinking about LEGO Tape?

Retro Robot

GLIFO helps kids with disabilities to write

ShoeKlips: 3D Printed Clips for your Shoes

LEGO Tape: the Tape you Never Knew you Needed

Timelapse Tuesday – Flexy Squid Koozie

Squishy Turtle Alert!

3D Print your Way to Looking like Logan

Foldable Macbook Pro Stand

Steam Punk Valve Knob

Bottle Rack (for use in Refrigerators)

90’s TV Fume Extractor

Portable 1S 4x Lipo Charger with LED-Voltage-Display

What If I Don’t Have A 3D Printer?


Dress up your Feather

Squid Koozie

PAC-MAN clock case remix

Don’t mess with the Z Hand – Doorstop

Flora BLE Smartwatch

Dremel Sanding and Cutting Table

How to make your own shoulder puppet Groot

3D Printed Wireframe Dino Lamp

Alarm Clock – Simplicity

The Devil’s in the Details

Hot Wheels 3 & 4 Line Track Connector

Raspberry Pi Zero Stand/Rack

Road bike wall mount

Tumbler Polisher for Metal Filled 3D Prints

3D Printed Off Road Robot with Polymaker PC-Max

Make Custom Wristbands for Smart Devices with 3D Printing

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Record Player

3D-printed pavilion is modeled on the microstructure of bones


AP Orbit Skill Toy

Kids Scale Activity

Timelapse Tuesday – 3D Printed DJI Mavic Pro Extended Landing Gear

Women’s March Gets the LEGO treatment with #3DPrinting

Double Spiral Ballpoint Pen Body

3D Print a Selfie LED Ring Light!

Princess Leia MiniFig

Timelapse Tuesday – Flexible Pliers

Mini 10keys Keyboard

3D Printed Fidget Flashdrive is both useful and fun

Simple Apple Pencil Clip

Toothbrush Runner

Lego Motor Blocks

Totally A-Maze(d) By This Lamp

Save Pangolins!

Timelapse Tuesday – Crossbow

3D Prinited Mini Pong Player


3D Printing with Coffee!?

Wire & Cleaning Sponge Holder

Timelapse Tuesday – 3D Printing a NinjaFlex Hairy Lion

IOT Teddy Bear using Amazon Dash Buttons

This Dice Cup will get your game started!

3D Print a NeoPixel Bracelet!

BattleFleet Star Wars vs. Star Trek

This Tech Dress Will Make You Popular With Drones

Print your own Massage Roller

Mini Floor Stands

‘Amazing’ Arduino Bagpipe Playing Robot Made with 3D Printed Parts

SuperNova Desk Lamp

Small clamp works like the kant twist

Build your own Functional Weasley Clock with IOT Location Tracker

Why Yes, This is a kitty case

2 Ways of Removing Supports

Timelapse Tuesday – 3DPrinting a TriceraTaco Holder

What’s cuter than Baby Groot?


‘Cookie Caster’ Creates 3D-Printable Models for Custom Cookie Shapes

Feeling Fidgety?

3D Printable Bad Robot Figurine

3D printed D20 Glowing RGB Lamp

Exoskeleton Mask

Drone RaceQuad wall hooks

3D print a practice course for drone racing

Dispense Solder in Style

Glowing Minecraft Torch Nightlight

Carrie Fisher Memorial Bust

PiFold – The Pi Zero Server that Fits in a Wallet

3D Printed Night Vision Drone

Candy Checkers

Customize your new GoPro Hero 5

Woolly Mammoth Skeleton

Lego MinFig Toilet Paper Holder

3D Printing a watch or bracelet?

3D Printing in Brick Texture with Autodesk Fusion

Putting the “Fun” in Functional Footwear

3D Printing with a 2mm Nozzle?

Simple print: a 3D chopstick cheater!


Get 3D Printer Notifications on your Smartwatch!

Fun Idea for a 3D Printed Miniature

Consider Color Before you Print

Give Metal Filament 3D-Prints a Quick-Rust Finish

Gothic House

It’s-A-Me-Mario Floor Lamp

3D Printed Mosaic Money Clip

Drawer for Electronic components

Watch out for this project!

Pi zero case with header access

3D Printed Dog Bag Holder

Printing with Flexible Materials?

GoPro Skateboard / Longboard Mount and light

Timelapse Tuesday – Dual Extruded Mobile Stand

Poseable Jack Skeleton

Get your GoPro on Wheels

Make your Seating Stand out with this 3D Printed Stool

3D Printed Candy Dispenser


Are you a Wreck-It-Ralph super fan?

Apple Watch Band Carousel

Mould for the Apple Lightening Cable

This Dark Scythe From Monster Hunter is 3D Printed and So Metal!

3D Print a Lifesized Magnemite Pokemon!

3D Print a Real Walking Robot!

3D Printed Wall Mount for Flush Cutters

Adorable 3D Printed Dog Muzzle Looks Like a Ducks Beak

Jacques Cousteau’s grandson is 3D printing coral reefs



3D Printed Cereal Dispenser

An Ambitiously Designed Arduino Powered Chess Set Made with 3D Printed Parts

PIX-E Gif Camera

3D print your own Ultimaker Original direct drive spool holder

3D printed “Death-O-Bot” pose-able bot (Desk-O-Bot Mod)

Kid friendly 3D printed Mini crossbow for NERF darts!

Celebrate Maker Faire with this 3D printed Maker Faire Robot Polaroid Cube

3D print a mini 1″ Speaker Enclosure

Epic Sculpture Made with 3D Pen

3D Printed Claw Rings

Sons of the Harpy Mask

3D Printed Ceiling Fan Charms

Animatronic Eye With Servo

More 3D Printing On T-Shirts!

Timelapse Tuesday – Croc Clips

Clever Container Shaped Like Pac-Man

Make your Yoyo Glow, yo!

3D print your own custom battery holders!


Great simple way to visually see 3D printed infill variants

Quick Tips to Jump-Start Your 3D-Printer

Add a 3D Printed Proton Pack to your Ghostbusters cosplay!

If you want your print to have style…

Taco Truck Redesigned for 3D Printing, Because Tacos!

Sick of your boring old phone charger?

This 3D Printer Can Print At 450mm A Second

3D Printed DIY Baby Bottle Drainer Looks Like A Tree

Timelapse Tuesday – Step Box Step

3D Printed Old School Flatbed Truck

3D Printed Planet Express Ship

3D Printer Hot Ends and the Benefits of Thermal Heat

Polishing and Aging Metal Prints!

123D Design Tutorial – Navigating, Shortcut keys and Views

Using the Timeline in Fusion 360 for 3D modeling!

Flexible Filaments explained!

Tips for cleaning up after Ninjaflex prints!

Involute Bevel and Spur Gears


Explore the Apollo 11 Command Module in VR, with Accompanying 3D Print Files

No Printer, No Problem

Timelapse Tuesday – Matilda

3D Printed Electric Unicycle

Print Hotter when using Flexible filament!

Use a filing tool to loosen up tolerances!

More tips for 3D printing with Ninjaflex/TPE filaments!

3D Printer & Slice Setting for TPU filament

Eric Harrell 3D prints an amazing and functional mini Subaru flat-four engine

Small and simple 3D prints can be big fun!

3D Printed Bee Hotel


3D Printed Bulbasaur Coin Bank

Use Flexible Filament TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)!

A Striking 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Zero 2001 Monolith Case

3D Printing Services are Not the Enemy

3D Printed PiGRRL Remix by Nao

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Obsessed with your Circuit Playground Board?

User-Designed Mini Quadcopter with 3D-Printed Frame, Custom C++ Firmware

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Zero Smart Glass

Easy to Print Flytrap For Fruit Flies


Securing Magnets to your Print


Raspberry Pi Zero AirPlay Speaker with 3D Printing

How to Get a BIG Sound on your PAM8302

3D Printed Classic Mac – Apple Watch Dock 360 VR – Timelapse Tuesday

Wood working using a 3D Printer!

Use Flexible Wires for Speakers in 3D Printing Projects

Amazing Desk Made from a 3D Printed Map of Manhattan #3DThursday #3DPrinting

Life Size Raspberry Pi 3D Printer Scanner In The Making

#3DPrinted Solenoid V8 Engine


Dying for an NFC Ring but Tight on Cash?

Felica Day’s 3D Printed Dress

ATtiny85 Ring Watch #3DThursday #3DPrinting

Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

How to Think About Circuit Diagrams for your 3d Printed Project

Student designs ‘Curatio’ 3D hand scanner equipped with 32x Raspberry Pi cameras

3D Printing a New Type of Zip Tie

Materials for Extreme 3D Printing, Talk by Walter Voit


3D Printed ESP8266 Button: The DIY Amazon Dash

3D Printed Door Lock

3D Printed Rock tumbler by Ray Pope

Quadcopter Controller Arduino & NRF24 Based with 3D Printing

#3DPrinted Arduino robot arm

Adorable 3D Printed fishbone cat bowl

Incredible #3DPrinting Fashion by Danit Peleg

3D Printed Motorized Star Wars AT-AT

Portable 3D scanning with Eora

Off Road, 4wd Radio Control Car by David Beck with 3D Printing

The TCT Top 10 3D Prints 2015

Radiation Shield For Weather Station for Adafruit Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Nixie Tube Clock kit with IN-12 LED Alarm

3D Printed Raspberry Pi 2 7″ Touchscreen Case

Richrap reviews sigma dual extruder printer from BCN3D


#3DPrinted Motor Runs Almost Like a Perpetual Machine

3D model of Raspberry Pi B+

Tips for using Ninjaflex

Artist Jonathan Brand – #3DPrinted 1972 Honda CB500 Motorcycle

Top 3 FREE CAD for #3DPrinting

3D Master 101: Basic 3D Modeling with @OnShape

Why Did I Choose an Ultimaker 2 #3DPrinter

123D Design Tutorial – Navigating, Shortcut keys and Views


Open Source Photogrammetry: Completely FOSS Pipeline for Creating Models from Photos Like 123D Catch!

3D Printed bubble bucket

Working on a tall print?

Spiderman Automatic Door Lock

3D Printing TSA Master keys

Tinkercad Shape generators lets you code your models for 3D Printing

A #3DPrinted Stargate That Lights Up and Moves

Small and simple turntable using 608 skate bearing with 3D Printing

A raspberry pi emulator with 2000+ games….


Wireless Chicken Coop Sensor with 3D Printing

Worlds Fastest 3D Printed RC Car #3DPrinting

Recycling broken laptop monitor to a Raspberry pi computer

DIY USB keyboard case with 3D Printing

Raspberry Pi Laptop #3DPrinting


Dry Time on Flexible Prints