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Brian Crabtree of Monome recently posted about some of the supply chain issues he’s seeing.

To lead with an actual case: we have not been able to get the STM32 microcontroller used in the Crow (and Grid) for well over two years now, and all estimates are “unknown” (the words from various sales reps I’ve spoken to, ie those at Mouser). Since we’ve sold out and also exhausted our backup-repair-stock, if someone contacts us with a hardware-related break– for example, somehow the STM32 is fried– there’s basically nothing we can do (that was previously standard procedure).

In his words the new normal is, well, not normal. While things may get easier over time, there are ways to reduce some of the pain for now.

…I’d like to instill this message, as strongly as possible: your machines are not easily repairable. They may be incredibly difficult (interpret: expensive) or impossible to repair. Please let this inform your treatment and expectations of the machines in your life.

It’s also potentially a good time to learn some repair skills. Soldering a DIY kit is a good start, but doing careful repair and salvaging is a fine craft.

Equipped with a soldering iron we move forward.

It’s hard to see a return. More likely I’m expecting a sort of paradigm shift.

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