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Shenzhen is one of, if not the most important cities for electronics manufacturing in the world. So when Freetronics posts an 18 part video series covering everything from the Huaqiangbei market, to Maker Faire Shenzhen, to a tour of the SEEED factory, it’s hard to resist tuning in. You can read all you want about Chinese manufacturing, but seeing it really is something else.

The documentary explores a variety of manufacturing sites, but also discusses more abstract topics like “Incubators and Role of Government“, so it’s really worth checking each video out. The chapters are below:

1: The Makers road to Shenzhen
2: The tour begins and the Makers Faire
4: The Factory Tours of Shenzhen – Defond
5: The Electronics Markets of Shenzhen
6: Factory Tours of Shenzhen – Jiafuh Metal & Plastics
7: The Factory Tours of Shenzhen – HLH Prototypes
8: LiFX – The Beginning
9: The LiFX Production Line
10: The Factory Tours of Shenzhen – Kaier Wo
11: The Factory Tours of Shenzhen – SEEED Studios
12: The xFactory
13: Incubators and the Role of Government
14: Hardware Accelerators
15: The Factory Tours of Shenzhen – Hytera EMS
16: Artificial Intelligence & Automation
17: The Factory Tours of Shenzhen – HYX Gears and ITEAD Studios
18: The Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2017 Wraps Up

Check out the whole post over at Freetronics.