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We have a cool LEEK this week, the ItsyBitsy M4 Express, and started an awesome list!

Awesome CircuitPython is a curated list of awesome CircuitPython guides, videos, libraries, frameworks, software and resources. Inspired by the Awesome lists.

We’ve included the “awesome list” here in the newsletter, it will be updated by the team & community, we’re looking for contributors! Stop by and check it out awesome-circuitpython and keep reading!


Welcome to CircuitPython!

CircuitPython Essentials

learn.adafruit.com CircuitPython

learn.adafruit.com CircuitPython & MicroPython


Adafruit CircuitPython Forums

Adafruit CircuitPython Discord channel #CircuitPython


Programming with MicroPython – by Nicholas H. Tollervey, includes CircuitPython

Coming soon: Make: Getting started with Circuit Playground Express by Mike Barela


CircuitPython API Reference

Circuit Playground Express CircuitPython API Reference

CircuitPytthon GitHub Repository


The Mu Editor, IDE, REPL, and plotter for CircuitPython


CircuitPython boards – Circuit Playground Express, Adafruit Feather M0 Express, Adafruit METRO M0 Express, Adafruit Trinket M0, Adafruit METRO M0 Express, Adafruit GEMMA M0, Adafruit Feather HUZZAH


Adafruit Daily, Python for microcontrollers

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CircuitPython in 2018

CircuitPython on the Adafruit.com/blog

CircuitPython Snakes its Way onto Adafruit Hardware

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express review

CircuitPython on Hackaday

CircuitPython on MAKE


CircuitPython Art Pack! Logos, banners, photos and Blinka!


#CircuitPython tagged on Twitter, latest

CircuitPython videos on YouTube, latest

#CircuitPython tagged photos & videos on Instagram

CircuitPython on Google+ Makers, hackers, artists & engineers

CircuitPython – micropython.org forums

CircuitPython on Reddit


Weekly community chat on Adafruit Discord server CircuitPython channel

Weekly Adafruit Show-and-tell, Wednesday 7:30pm ET on Google+ Hangouts

PyCon 2018 conference, May 2018

ASK AN ENGINEER, Wednesday 8pm ET on YouTube LIVE


Blinka the CircuitPython Limited Edition Enamel Pin

Blinka the CircuitPython Sticker

Blinka the CircuitPython Temporary Tattoo


OMG! We’re showing unreleased hardware… in NEWSLETTER! Here is the ItsyBitsy M4 Express, it runs CircuitPython – FAST – ! CORTEX M4 with 192k of RAM and 512k flash @ 120 Mhz. Expect to see it in the store soon and stop by the Adafruit Discord server for some more sneak previews!

Upcoming events!

May 2018 – The PyCon 2018 conference, which will take place in Cleveland, is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. It is produced and underwritten by the Python Software Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting Python. Through PyCon, the PSF advances its mission of growing the international community of Python programmers. Adafruit is a sponsor, we’ll see you in the goodie bag 🙂

News from around the web!

Speed plotting with CircuitPython and Mu: Light speed!

Martin Fitzpatrick built a MicroPython heart rate monitor

Desk of Ladyada talks about the upcoming Metro M4 Tester

A Python Interpreter Written in Python by @akaptur

CircuitPython Essentials Guide

Easterhegg 2018 – MicroPython on ESP32 (in German)

Adafruit CircuitPython Weekly for April 9th, 2018

First look: USB Host Expansion Board for WiPY by Semireg

Latest releases

CircuitPython’s stable release is 2.2.4 and its unstable release is 3.0.0-alpha.3. New to CircuitPython? Start with our Welcome to CircuitPython Guide.

20180403 is the latest CircuitPython library bundle.

v1.9.3 is the latest MicroPython release. Documentation for it is here.

3.6.5 is the latest Python release.


The CircuitPython Weekly Newsletter is a CircuitPython community-run newsletter emailed every Tuesday. It highlights the latest CircuitPython related news from around the web including Python and MicroPython developments. To contribute, edit next week’s draft on GitHub and submit a pull request with the changes. Join our Discord or post to the forum for any further questions.