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PCB design can be daunting. Just take a look at this board!

But don’t fret: whether you’re just getting started on PCB design, looking to turn schematics into prototypes, or just interested in the process, Will Hart over at Particle has a great primer and glossary for PCB prototyping. And while it’s informative in its attention to specifics, the post has key advice for maintaining holistic clarity such that you don’t stray too far from the ultimate goal — a commercially and financially viable product.

…following common manufacturing standards is always the cheapest, fastest, and least complicated route through the prototyping process. The following design rules and standards are often overlooked until the price is too high or the yield is too low, so our hope is that this post will save you some valuable time along the already unpredictable road from prototype to production.

It’s the first post in a series on prototyping and covers the basics around PCB design, like pitch, but also tips for more complicated processes like RoHS compliance.

Hart even goes into the nitty-gritty of documentation and file fidelity, which while not the flashiest parts of PCB design, are really important to cover.

Check out his whole post here. And stay tuned on their blog for the next two posts in the series.