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Past newsletters have mentioned the Espressif ESP32 port of MicroPython and how you can compile it to try it out yourself.  Now you don’t need to compile the firmware and can instead directly download a pre-built MicroPython ESP32 firmware from micropython.org!  This makes it a lot easier to experiment and try out MicroPython on the fun new ESP32 board.  Remember the ESP32 is like a more powerful version of the favorite ESP8266 and includes WiFi, Bluetooth, more memory & processing power, and more.

Even better be sure to check out this great recent blog post, Get on the good foot with MicroPython on ESP32.  Christopher Hiller walks through how to load the pre-built ESP32 firmware on a board, write a module, and read DS18B20 temperature sensor data all from MicroPython.  This is a great comprehensive guide that goes beyond just a simple hello world or other toy example.  Be sure to check out the blog post for all the details!