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Another week brings another set of great guide updates in the Adafruit Learning System for CircuitPython.  Be sure to check out:

  • A NeoPixel Blinkendisc — Customize a Flashflight or other suitable flying disc, and throw blinky programs at your friends.
  • Light-Activated Pixel Heart — Wear your heart on your sleeve! Or at least on your lapel. This light-up heart display uses a light-dependent resistor and GEMMA, Adafruit’s tiny wearable electronics platform.
  • NeoPixel Tiara — You can make a crown of light for prom or your birthday this year! A few free-wired NeoPixels make you the cyber-pageant queen.
  • LED Masquerade Masks — Got a costume ball coming up? Learn to adorn masquerade masks with LEDs, three ways! This guide will show you how to make three masks at different difficulty levels: Super Simple Sequin Mask, NeoPixel GEMMA Mask and Audio-Reactive Mask.
  • Trinket / Gemma Mini-Theramin — Snuck a Trinket guide in there! But this project works equally well with GEMMA. Make music with tiny microcontrollers and varying light levels.
  • DHTxx Sensors – Temperature and humidity sensors.
  • PIR Motion Sensors – Motion sensors.
  • Thermistor – Measure temperature like a resistor!