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Last weekend was World Maker Faire 2017 and MicroPython & CircuitPython were part of the fun.  Tony D. from Adafruit did a talk titled Make with Python which gave an overview of Python and how you can use it with your computer, the Raspberry Pi, and native Python boards like MicroPython and CircuitPython.  Check out the slides for the talk here, and this week’s episode of Ask An Engineer for a recap of Tony’s demos from the talk.  Also see some photos from World Maker Faire 2017 on Flickr here!

Next week Open Hardware Summit 2017 takes place in Denver, Colorado.  This should be an exciting small conference with plenty of talks about open source hardware topics like MicroPython and CircuitPython.  Tony and Scott from Adafruit will be at the summit and happy to talk all things Python.  Check out Adafruit’s Discord server for a place to organize and discuss the summit while it happens.