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Check out the NumWorks graphing calculator for an interesting new commercial product that uses MicroPython.  This calculator is meant to replace stalwarts like the TI-84 calculator in highschool and college classrooms, but with a more modern calculator experience that can even run Python code.  NumWorks makes all the design, schematics, 3D files, source code, etc. available under a creative commons license so anyone can build the calculator themselves, or purchase one from NumWorks directly.  They describe the software architecture of the calculator and how it uses MicroPython internally to enable calculator users to run and interpret Python code directly on the calculator.  Rather than implementing the entire calculator in MicroPython they embed the MicroPython interpreter into their custom operating system and software stack–this gives them good performance when they need it and the flexibility to interpret Python code too.  You can even check out the NumWorks source code to see how they use MicroPython.  The NumWorks calculator looks like the first of likely many interesting products that will use MicroPython!