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This week saw the release of a new minor MicroPython version 1.9.2.  Check out the MicroPython release page for details of what’s new in this release.  Most of the changes were internal cleanup and documentation updates, but some interesting standouts are support for double precision floating point math (even hardware accelerated on some STM boards) and a tool to embed binary resources in Python scripts.

CircuitPython is also making progress towards its next major release version 2.0.  You can actually see all of the workitems that have been completed on GitHub, and workitems that are in progress.  Some of the big changes to expect in 2.0 is a snap to the 1.9.1 version of upstream MicroPython (including its newer .mpy file format), better support for mounting external filesystems like SD cards, and a new non-volatile memory storage module for reading and writing data outside the USB-accessible filesystem.  Keep an eye on the CircuitPython releases page for the 2.0 release when it’s ready!