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The REPL, or read-evaluate-print loop, is an interactive Python terminal you can access from MicroPython boards.  Did you know the REPL has handy features like tab completion and paste mode?  Check out the MicroPython REPL documentation to learn about all of it’s features, including:

  • Auto-completion – When you’re typing the name of an object try pressing tab to see a list of suggested names.
  • Paste mode – If you’ve ever tried to paste Python code into the REPL you might have seen its auto-indentation adding extra tabs.  Use paste to fix this by pressing Ctrl-E to enter paste mode, pasting in a block of Python, and then pressing Ctrl-D to exit paste mode.
  • Interrupt – Interrupt a running program or loop by pressing Ctrl-C.  Just like in Python’s REPL this will raise a KeyboardInterrupt that halts most programs.
  • Soft reset – If you need to reset your board press Ctrl-D in the REPL.