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There’s a tiny new CircuitPython board available this week, the Gemma M0!  This is an update to the popular Gemma board that’s great for building small wearable projects.  The new Gemma M0 uses the Atmel SAMD21 microprocessor instead of the older ATtiny85 in the original Gemma.  The SAMD21 is the same processor used in the Metro and Feather M0 boards and is quite a step up from the older ATtiny85 with 32x more flash memory, 64x more RAM, and 6x the speed.  All of the extra power and capabilities enable the Gemma M0 to run CircuitPython–in fact if you purchase a Gemma M0 it will come pre-loaded with CircuitPython 1.0!  Grab a Gemma M0 today and start exploring the world of Python-powered wearable projects!