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If you’ve played with the BBC micro:bit electronics learning board and MicroPython you might be interested in this project called Scratchbit.  Scratchbit is a MicroPython script that makes the BBC micro:bit appear as a Picoboard that’s controllable by the Scratch visual programming language.  The Picoboard is similar to the micro:bit and includes sensors, buttons, etc. on a board that’s designed to be plugged into a computer and controlled by a Scratch program.  With Scratchbit the micro:bit appears to Scratch as if it were a Picoboard and converts some of the micro:bit’s sensors and buttons to corresponding Picoboard hardware.  This means you can control the micro:bit from Scratch programs and is another excellent way to introduce coding and physical computing to beginners.  Check out a video of the Scratchbit project to see how to set it up and how works, and find the code for Scratchbit on its home on Github too.