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Transforming Today’s Bad Jobs into Tomorrow’s Good Jobs

Thought leaders and futurists name complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity as the most important future job skills. But at good jobs companies, these very skills are already demanded, developed, and put to use.

Companies that offer good jobs today — with decent wages, predictable schedules, and opportunities for success and growth — do so by combining investment in people with operational choices that increase their employees’ productivity and contributions. We call this approach the Good Jobs Strategy. One of the key choices they make is empowering employees to make decisions to benefit their customers and involving employees in improvement.

The Good Jobs Strategy enables companies to make the most of their employees’ full potential. So good jobs companies are less likely to focus on machines replacing workers and more likely to focus on machines as a valuable complement to their valuable people.

Some compelling thoughts on the inclusion of front line employees in successful rollouts of automation strategies.