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Former Mozilla CEO raises $35M in under 30 seconds for his browser startup Brave

One notable anecdote of the Brave ICO is how the process was dominated by a handful of individuals. Only around 130 people actually bought BAT, Coindesk noted, with one buyer scooping up $4.6 million of them (20,000 ETH worth). All in all, Coindesk reported that five buyers acquired half of the total haul, while the 20 biggest spenders bought two-thirds of the available coins.

That situation runs counter to the thesis that many in Ethereum hold, which is that token sales enable anyone to take ownership of the companies they use or follow. Of course larger, organized investors — including adventurous corporations or early moving VC firms — are a key component when a company sells tens of millions of dollars of coins, but ensuring that there is space for smaller parties is going to be an ever critical challenge as ICOs become more commonplace.

Super interesting, very unregulated, and currently off limits to investments funds (and probably the even mildly risk averse among us).

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