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In case you missed it there’s a set of new boards from Adafruit that have support for MicroPython and CircuitPython! Check these out:

  • Feather HUZZAH32 – This is a Feather board with the latest ESP32 microcontroller from Espressif.  The ESP32 is the followup to the popular ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller and adds more of everything–performance, memory, IO, and even wireless support.  You can load an in-development ESP32 MicroPython port on these boards to build small MicroPython-powered IoT projects.
  • Feather M0 Express and Metro M0 Express – Both of these boards use the familiar Atmel SAMD21 microprocessor but add on a 2 megabyte SPI flash chip that’s perfect for storing Python code.  You can load CircuitPython firmware on these boards and start experimenting with projects powered by Python code.
  • Circuit Playground Express – This all-in-one board is similar to the original Circuit Playground with 10 NeoPixels, buttons, and sensors (accelerometer, light, temperature, sound) but upgrades the microcontroller to an Atmel SAMD21 that can run CircuitPython!  And just like the M0 express boards this Circuit Playground Express board has a 2 megabyte SPI flash chip for storing more Python code and other files.  As this is the ‘developer edition’ for now Arduino support of the board components is the most complete, but look forward to CircuitPython support soon too!