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Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change

Sincere questions too often play second fiddle to certainty, ideology, and outrage. But what if we asked more and asserted less? What would we discover? How much better would we understand the people around us? What if we went asking for solutions and posed truly creative questions that could change the world?

This fantastic book from Emmy-award-winning journalist Frank Sesno kicks off what will be an intermittent series of posts from the Adafruit team reading list!

In Ask More, Sesno draws from close to a hundred interviews with “master questioners” to explore eleven types of questions and the ways in which each can be used to turn inquiry in to tangible results.

  • Diagnostic Questions
  • Strategic Questions
  • Empathy Questions
  • Bridging Questions
  • Confrontational Questions
  • Creativity Questions
  • Mission Questions
  • Scientific Questions
  • Interview Questions
  • Entertaining Questions
  • Legacy Questions

Each chapter is brimming with examples, anecdotes, and analysis, all of which is summed up in a handy question guide at the end.

Check it out, this is great resource that can be applied in equal measure to both your personal and professional endeavors!