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13 Investor update emails that turned our dots into a line

Here are a few reasons why writing monthly updates can be super valuable:

  1. Keeps you accountable
    Imagine the horror when you’ve committed to monthly updates, but have nothing meaningful to share. That fear of embarrassment should keep you motivated to do good work.
  2. Maintains rhythm
    Time flies! If you’re not careful, several months can go by where you haven’t made any progress in your business. Writing a monthly update provides a nice cadence to consistently track the output of your work.
  3. Execution ability
    No one can know how good you are from just one encounter. Instead of trying to convince someone in the first meeting that you’re a great founder, play it cool, get them on your update list and show them what you’re made of over time. Let your actions speak for themselves.
  4. Stay top of mind
    Writing consistent updates are a great way to have people in your network remember you exist. This can cause your name to come up more frequently in conversations and lead to serendipitous introductions.

Developing the habit of writing monthly updates is not just valuable to your stakeholders, its beneficial to your whole team. We view them as a method to help keep us focused on improving our business and to track our own progress over time.

This post from Shoelace offers a simple format for crafting consistent reports that are engaging to you, your team, and your community!

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