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IFPI Global Music Report 2017

“The key development in the market at the moment is competition. What is especially key is that it is competition based around market growing, not market stealing. There are more big players – and arguably more sustainable players – than have come and gone in the past, and it’s all about making new audiences aware of streaming and expanding the market. At the moment, we are growing, Apple’s growing, Amazon’s growing, and other services are coming on board, and we’re not stealing each other’s lunch.”

Quick pulse check over at the music industry.

Also in music industry news, DistroKid unveils an exceptional marketing alternative, and just added a preorder option for iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

This is a signal that musicians at all levels increasingly have access to the same platforms used by the most successful artists in the world. Release using DistroKid, and promote in social media. Whether you’re a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning superstar, or a bedroom musician, you’ve got access to both.

Exciting stuff on all fronts.