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MakerBot’s technology of the future grapples with its rocky past

“If you go to a market, and you bring an immature and unreliable product, you will risk potentially losing the confidence of that market,” Goshen explains. He’s careful not to mention any specific competitor by name, though XYZ is currently the industry’s 800 pound gorilla. “That’s a risk in any industry. Some players in the whatever industry are less sensitive into that. We are very sensitive not to overflow the market, not to oversell and set expectations, which are not met.”

For MakerBot, that means limiting the size and scope of its product line as the company adjusts to life after the implosion of the 3D printing hype cycle. It means curbing the industry’s expectations and its own and settling in for, it hopes, the long haul through careful, measured steps forward.

CEO Nadav Goshen reflects on MakerBot’s turbulent past from the relative quietude of the company’s updated approach.